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They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. That was made evident this month when a soccer mom from Robertsville, Ohio, attempted to frame her husband for ramming her garage door. It was true that the man had wronged the woman in the past, but now the tables have turned. Now this soccer mom has found herself in hot water — she spent a night in jail after police got wise to her framing ways.

Police records aren’t clear about how the cops found her out. Presumably, they were able to match paint marks on the dented garage door with paint on the woman’s SUV, after which the pieces of the puzzle likely fell into place. Or perhaps it was her children who ratted her out? Jail records said she rammed her 2004 Ford Expedition into her own garage door while her two children were with her in the vehicle. Once the damage was done (to both the door and her kids’ psyches) the woman filed a false report in which she accused her husband of causing the damage to the garage door.

Police say the 31-year-old woman was trying to get her husband arrested. If he had in fact rammed the door, he could have been nabbed for violating a protection order, county Jail

records indicated. Her husband had been arrested once before, in November, for a variety of misdemeanor charges, but he was released from police custody after posting the $10,000 bond — money he’d won in online poker tournaments, from which he’s made a living since 2007. Unfortunately for him, his poker face couldn’t save him from being slapped with a temporary protection order, issued in November. He had been ordered to have no contact with the victim-turned-frame artist until his court hearing in December

As for his soon to be ex-wife? She was released from jail a short time after driving into her own house. She posted the $1,000 bond, jail records said.

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