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Are you stuck in the past?  Is disco a new style of music for you?  Are 8 track tapes the way of the future? Carburetors may also be really awesome too, right?  So if this is you, then you probably think that a giant, one piece, wooden garage door is the best thing to happen to garage doors since their inception, right?


Wooden, one piece garage doors are not a very smart option for you to have, especially because there are much more modern styles of garage doors that offer a host of benefits over these outdated pieces of equipment.  Are you unsure of why you should not have a one piece garage door?  Well, here you go:

They’re ridiculously unsafe.  These giant monstrosities take up a lot of space, and their footprint while in operation is rather massive.  This means that you’ll need to stand clear, and keep things clear of this thing unless you’re really adventurous and don’t mind things being broken or hurt.  In contrast, you could have a sectional garage door that is a much safer option for you.

They can lead to garage door opener issues.  Wooden garage doors can store moisture in them if they’re not properly treated and maintained, and water is heavy.  This extra weight being stored in your garage door can mean a lot to a garage door opener whose power is measured in only a few horse power.  If your garage door opener is already struggling to operate, throwing more of a load on it won’t help.

It detracts from your home and it’s value.  Outdated garage doors look outdated, and this reflects in the value of a home that still has this style of door.  In contrast, having a modern, sectional garage door means that your home will have the value that you think it’s worth.

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