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Thanks to the internet, unwanted intruders are getting more and more sophisticated on how they can access your home. As demonstrated in the video “Key Printer Trick”, it is now very doable to easily make a copy of your hidden house key without you even noticing. They could wait for the perfect time to enter your home using a key replica made using a coin, printer, a can lid, and a sharp scissors. without showing any evidence of force entry. To me this is a disturbing thought. It bothers me that videos like these are circulating throughout the internet for anyone to see. Now i know what you’re thinking. Why am i sharing this printer key trick? I am sharing it to all who takes the time to read my article, so that you can better protect yourself, your home, and your family from trick hacks like these available on the internet. To fight a crime, you have to know what you’re up against.

salt lake city garage doors keys



One of the ways you can protect your home is installing a Bluetooth receiver to your existing garage door opener and download a compatible app like the GarageMate. It controls the opening and closing of the garage door, using your smartphone. The app also enables multiple smartphones to have access to the garage opener, so it’s okay if you have a large family! You can purchase this receiver from your local stores. Don’t worry, this pretty cost effective, because you do not have to replace your motor to do this. Currently, you may purchase this receiver for around $50. One of the best features with this is that you no longer have to carry around a garage door remote risking of misplacing it, or hide a spare key somewhere outside your home risking of someone finding it. You can now open or close your garage from anywhere using only your smartphone. You no longer have to be home to let in your guest or workers to your home, or share your keypad pin code. The app keeps record of all the users that opens and closes the garage door. It also keeps track of all the times it was used.

As Robert Kennedy one said,
“I think there is an obligation on the part of all of us to stay informed and aware.”



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