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Picking out a garage door company is a very tricky task.  Sure, it’s not as intense as, say, picking out the catering company that you choose for your wedding; nor is it as intense as deciding when the right moment is to propose.

However, it is still a very important task that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Garage door repairs are not cheap services, and there’s a lot more that should go in to your choice other than just trying to find the cheapest company to do the job.  So here are a few things that we strongly recommend you consider when calling around and deciding:

  1. Ask them if they perform services outside of garage door repairs.  If they also happen to be a locksmith, and a carpenter, and an auto mechanic, and are also proficient in underwater basket weaving. . .   Well, you just need to ask yourself one question:  Which one are they actually good at?  Any of them?  You want a dedicated garage door company to take care of you, because then you can ensure that they actually know their stuff.
  2. Do they offer a satisfaction guarantee?  A lot of garage door companies just expect you to be pleased with whatever they do, and then to politely shove off.  Most of them don’t even care if you ever call them back, which is a real shame. . .  They could probably use some more business.
  3. Do they ensure they only hire those with a great understanding of garage door repairs and services?  As an example, we hire candidates that are IDA certified and experts in the garage door field, because that’s the level of service we want to offer every time.
  4. Do they do things to show you they value you, like same day service, and emergency service?

Think about these questions as you go searching for a garage door company–  You can probably guess where we stack up on this.

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