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How to Select A Garage Door Opener

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div>Whether it’s time to replace your old one or you’re installing one for the first time, you may not know where to begin the process of selecting a new garage door opener. There are a variety of kinds of openers and features and options to familiarize yourself with before the process of installation even begins. Do you know what you need to know?

You have a few kinds of openers to choose from: either be screw-drive, chain drive, or belt drive style. Each type has a different mix of benefits and drawbacks, and each has its own price tag. Chain drive openers tend to be the cheapest (usually between $130 and $180), but also the most noisy. The screw drive variety are way less noisy, but also a little more expensive — between $150 and $250 for the equipment. Belt drives are the most quiet, and also the most pricy, averaging between $170 and $350 each, according to┬áThese prices are all for equipment only, not for installation or other labor.
There are a variety of features that should also be considered when searching for your preferred garage door opener type. Safety features like an automatic door reversal trigger, infrared motion and obstruction detectors, and emergency back up battery power are all pretty much standard now (some are even required by law in some states). Many garage door openers also include a security lighting fixture that is controlled by the opener (turning on whenever the door opens) or by a remote. Typically, the best garage door opener remote is a keychain programmed with “rolling codes” that won’t be left in the car. “Rolling codes” are the best way to ensure that your neighbor wont accidentally open your garage door with their opener, and to thwart would-be thieves and burglars.
Once all of this has been decided, you’re ready to select your garage door opener. The next decision? Whether to have it professionally installed or do it yourself.

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