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SalMaintaining a Garage Door Opener

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Most of us will not have an idea on how to go about a garage door repair. Experts like the Houston Garage Doors can be employed to do some servicing. However, here are some guidelines on how to check your garage door before you call in the professionals.

First is to assess your garage door. It could possibly be wood or steel. A lot of varied types also exist. Most modern garage door types will be those that can be rolled up or down, while older garage doors will be the swing-up types.

When you have issues with your garage door, there may be quick fixes. There could be simple problems that you can try to do by yourself. This includes broken hinges, or possibly some loose bolts that you can fix with the basic tools you have at home. When trying to do a DIY repair, try to make sure you have some back-up when you go for the much heavier and serious tasks such as spring system repairs. Do these tasks with extreme caution and try to ask for help to make sure that you will not injure yourself.

Also make certain that you refer to the manufacturer’s manual when you do some maintenance such as slight adjustment of the bolts or screws, as well as some other basic maintenance like lubrication. And if you are not sure with what to do, it is best to call in some help from Houston Garage Doors, since they have highly skilled and knowledgeable garage door experts readily available to serve you.

Since we all know that garage door openers are heavy devices and will be used for many years of labour, we known how important it is to keep them properly operating. A little regular maintenance and care will help save you from serious repairs in the long run.  Here’s the list of the maintenance you can do for your garage door opener.

  1. Make sure you do regular maintenance and care without the garage door plugged in the power supply to avoid any possible injuries involving electricity.
  2. Get rid of any sagging loose chains by trying to adjust the chain tension. When chains are sagged more than half an inch, it may cause some rubbing against the rail and lead to undesired tearing of the sprocket. When you tighten the chain tension, make sure you do not overdo it.
  3. When a door does not fully open, you can check its limiting screws and adjust it.
  4. You can safely reverse the sensors that come as 2 light beaming devices at the bottom of the door. They are also called photo electric eyes of the garage door. When something is underneath the garage door curtain, it will be detected by the sensors and the closing mechanism is halted or reversed. Oftentimes, these photo eyes can become misaligned and does it needs some realignment to make sure that it functions properly.
  5. Lastly, you can lubricate the garage door’s chain and track regularly. You can do this after cleaning these garage door parts and this is suggested to be done at least twice a year. To avoid these garage door parts from accumulating grime and dirt, try to make use of a light penetrating oil instead of using grease.

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