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Salt Lake City Garage Door Extreme Weather

If you live in an area that can experience severe weather, such as hurricanes and blizzards, your garage door should be rated to be rates impact-resistant, but hurricane-proof is the best level of protection for your home. Just one inch of water or ice can result in thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Without that level of protection, which is likely to happen during a storm, your home and garage door will face at least this amount of damage.

Living in extreme weather areas, it is important to purchase and install either a hurricane-proof or impact-resistant a garage door. Impact-resistant doors are built to withstand strong forces being hurled against them directly, while hurricane-proof garage doors are specially built with a framework that is twist-resistant. For additional safety, a bracing kit designed especially for garage doors can add an extra layer of protection to protect your home, garage and your possessions. No matter what kind of door you have, this is the most important step you should take to help ensure that your garage door can take an additional pounding that Mother Nature often delivers with little or no warning.

In some areas (especially hurricane prone ones), a garage door must be able to withstand high winds, sometimes up to 130 miles per hour or more. Some cities or counties even mandate this level of protection for your garage door. Check with your local government to find out if these rules apply to your home.

Even if you live in an area that the threat of hurricanes or blizzards are only things you read or hear about on the news, nearly every community in America will likely see occasional severe thunderstorms. These storms are sometimes enough to cause wind damage, it is important to always make sure that your garage door has some level of wind resistance . Keep these tips in mind when you’re buying any new garage door.

Extreme Weather

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