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Have you been tested?

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Have you?

I know that sounds kind of ominous, and we assure you, we’re not talking about _that_ sort of test, but have you had your garage door tested? There is an important sort of test that most people neglect, but it is absolutely imperative that you test it regularly: Force and reverse safety tests. These tests, which are a part of routine maintenance, make sure that when your garage door bumps into something, whether it’s a child, dog, car, or cardboard box, it will immediately reverse course rather than destroy or main whatever is in it’s path.

When was the last time you had your garage door tested?

Garage Door – Why we are Different!

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From reading that title you must be wondering how any garage door company is any different than any other. You would be surprised at how much we differ from our competitors. The first thing that differentiates us is our same day and emergency garage door services that we will never charge extra for. You will never have to wait to be “fit” into our schedule, we will work around you to the absolute best of our abilities. The next thing that makes us stand out is our professionalism and exceptional work standard. We treat every single job as if it is our own garage door; meaning we will do the best possible job on the service no matter what it is because we are holding ourselves to a very high standard. So many garage door companies in the area will not give you such great service at such affordable prices. Try us out and if you aren’t happy we’ll be surprised.

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Garage Door Balance Test

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Having a garage door is not easy especially when maintaining the quality of the door. This article will help you on how to check the balance of the garage door so that you will know if your garage door is working effectively that could prevent damage and injury to other people. Garage door opener is not designed to lift the garage door but it is designed to move the garage door up and down that is properly balanced. Just follow these simple steps to accomplish this garage door balance test. If the garage door opener is on the process of closing or opening the door, do not disconnect the opener to the door because this causes the door to fall down. If the door is in the down position, pull the emergency release cord from the opener and disconnect it from the motor. Lift the door midway and make sure this does not goes up or down. This means that the garage door is balanced.

Sagging Springs?

Salt Lake City Sagging Springs

Have you noticed lately that your garage door isn’t opening and closing evenly? It so, you need to have a garage door technician out to check the garage door springs right away. The garage door springs are what make the door open and close at an even rate so if this isn’t happening it means that the springs are sagging. Garage door springs can be very dangerous if they snap or malfunction while you are under the garage door. Don’t put your safety at risk; call a garage door technician today to check the springs.

Sagging Springs

Is it safe to repair my garage door?

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There are a lot of things on or in your home that you can probably fix fine just by yourself, however, your garage door is not one of them. The garage door is a heavy object that requires precision in its repairs. You shouldn’t put your safety on the line to try and repair it alone. It can also cost you more if you try to repair it yourself because you may end up having to have a repair company come out and fix it after you can’t which will end up costing you more. Calling in a professional garage door company will save you time, money, and hassle.

Strange noises and what to do about them

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Have you ever gone to open your garage door only to have it greet you with some very strange noises? Chances are you have, as most homeowners have experienced this. Have you ever noticed that when you ignore those strange noises your garage door breaks down shortly thereafter?

Most people haven’t made the connection. They don’t realize that these things are connect.

. . . But they are. Sounds that are not normal indicate that there is something wrong with your garage door, and it’s important to have someone diagnose / fix the problem before it turns into a much larger problem than it needs to be.

So what do you do about strange sounds? You call your friendly neighborhood garage door company to check it out right away!

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Why Quick Response Times Matter


I’m not here to tell you about all of the advantages of having a lightning fast response time– I could, but I’ll save that topic for another day. Instead, I want to talk about something that at the time was a stressful situation (for our customer), but now we can look back and laugh.

We got an urgent call from a customer of ours saying she had backed into her garage again (The last time was only a few months ago), and that she needed her garage door fixed before her husband came home. We assured her that someone would be on their way immediately, and sure enough, we had one of our highly trained garage door techs out there within 30 minutes. He had all of the parts and tools necessary to patch up the garage door, and within 2 and a half hours from when she called, everything was taken care of.

I feel like I should call her and see if her husband ever found out!

Is your garage ready for Halloween?

Garage Door Halloween

Ohhhhh we love Halloween here at Salt Lake City Garage Doors. It is such a fun time to explore our spooky and creepy sides and have fun! And surprisingly you can have a lot of fun with your garage door too around Halloween. There are a lot of decorations you can put on the door to spruce it up . If you do this, make sure you read all instructions carefully so that nothing gets in the way of the normal door functioning…otherwise you may end up with a broken garage door that looks cute but does you no good.

There will be a lot of kids out and about on Halloween so it is important to make sure if you are using your garage door at all that you are very aware of your surroundings when pulling in or backing out. In fact, it is a good idea to try and drive as little as possible that night to make sure no accidents happen. You also want to make double sure no one or no thing is under your garage door when it is closing. If your photoelectric eyes are not working correctly the door may not know to stop if there is something underneath it, and when there will be lots of kids and animals running around it is not the time to find out. We highly recommend having someone out to check this feature and make sure your garage door is working the way it should!

Halloween garage doors



Have you been wondering about the benefits of having your garage door insulated? It may seem like an unnecessary thing to have on your garage door, but it can actually save you a lot of money. Properly insulating your garage door will keep the temperature inside your garage door at a more consistent temperature, not allowing it to get too hot or too cold. This will in turn help your home stay at a better temperature because it won’t be fighting the hot or cold air seeping in from the garage. We highly recommend insulating your garage door if you don’t currently have an insulated door.

Tips for Painting

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Your garage door is a part of your house and just like any other part of its important to make it appealing and attractive. Painting is one way to do just that but it’s not as easy as it sounds, more over it needs proper attention and careful procedures to be followed. Simply follow this article and you will be able to beautify that garage door in a flash.

Number one to remember is the timing. Paint your garage door in the appropriate weather and climate. Don’t paint in too cold or too hot time of the day, or you may end up with something you did not anticipate. Next is to prepare the surface. This means to sand off any peeling paint to prevent unwanted layering. After that, you should clean the door. Clean off any dirt or unwanted material off the door with a clean cloth. Then, prepare all materials you’re going to use such as the brush, the paint, and all the other stuff you’re going to need. If you’re going for something fancy, then remember to prime your paint. Lastly, paint your door according to the design and color you want it to be.

Remember to tidy up after you have painted to keep things organized.

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