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Tinted Garage Door Windows

Salt Lake City Garage Door Windows

How would you like to live in a glass house?

garage door windows

Okay, that’s a little extreme, but when you have garage door windows installed on your sectional garage door without having the windows tinted, that’s kind of what you’re doing– You’re inviting Ms. Livingston from next door to take a peak in your garage and see what’s going on in there; you’re inviting that punk little Billy to look inside and see if he wants anything; and everyone else that wants to come by and take a gander.

Why have an unsecured home when you can have them installed right the first time? Call us, and we’ll make sure you get the right windows; and if you had some lesser company take care of your installation, we can still help you out!

Turn Your Garage Into a Game Room

Salt Lake City Garage Door Game Room

A lot of people have started turning their garage doors into additional rooms to their house, and we say “why not?” We think it is a great idea if you have a driveway or ample room for your cars on the street by your home then why not used that additional space for more living area?

If you are looking to transform your garage door into a game room then we have some suggestions for you. The first is to make sure that your garage door is properly insulated because this will help keep the new room at a more comfortable temperature throughout the year.

Secondly, you may want to think about installing some windows in your garage door if it doesn’t currently have any. This will really open the space up and make it feel like a real part of of your home rather than a cave.

Salt Lake City Garage Door Game Room

When to Upgrade Your Garage Door

Salt Lake City New Garage Doors

If your garage door is still operating well and you aren’t having any issues with it at all then you might be wondering why you would get a new one. If you haven’t upgraded your garage door in the last 10 years then you should highly consider it. Garage door manufacturers make major changes to garage door technology every 5 to 10 years that make the door safer. So, if your garage door is older than 10 years it is not up to date on all of the newest safer features.

A new garage door can also make your entire home look new and improved and since it is one of the most prominent parts of the exterior of your home it will make a huge difference.

garage door technology


Salt Lake City Garage Door Testimonials

“Salt Lake City Garage Doors was great. They came out the same day to repair my garage door spring and now my door is working like new. They were quick and good. I will keep their number in my phone for future garage door services. I would definitely recommend these guys for your garage door needs.”

-Sarah from American Fork

“So happy with the new garage door Salt Lake City Garage Doors installed for my family and me. Our old one just made our house look so old. We weren’t exactly sure what we wanted in our new door, that is what made these guys so great. Sam came out and helped us decide what would look best for our home. Now that the new door is in, we couldn’t be happier.”

-Ismael from Draper

“I was so bummed when I came outside the other day and my garage door wouldn’t open. When I pressed the button to open it the door wouldn’t even respond. I looked up a garage door company and found these guys. I called them and they sent someone out right away to take a look. They said I needed a new garage door opener and then they were able to come back the next day to install it. The whole process from start to finish was pretty easy because they really knew what they were doing. Will definitely use them again.”

-Tom from Kearns

“Professional and on top of it. They were here on time and they got the job done right. I would recommend to my friends.”

-Alissa from Sandy


Winter is coming

Salt Lake City Garage Door Winter

That is why it is so important to get your garage door up and running. The winter is long and cold, and it is so much more of a hassle to have your door repaired or looked at when there is snow and wind outside. Not to mention how terrible it is to have to leave your car outside over night and then have to clean it off with all the snow and ice.

So do yourself a favor and have all of the parts of your garage door checked out now before it gets too late into winter and you are kicking yourself for not doing it sooner.


Photo by Joseph Pearson on Unsplash


Photo by Aaron Wilson on Unsplash

A reminder about same day service

Salt Lake City Garage Door Service

We offer same day service. That’s written all of our website, we’ve written blogs about it in the past, and in general, it’s a very important thing that we offer, and here’s why- – Here are somethings you could be doing rather than waiting around for a garage door tech:

Take care of whatever tasks you have on your to-do list.
Spend time with your family or pets.
Wash your car.
Go out and get some exercise.
Bake a cake.
Practice juggling.
Take up underwater basket weaving.
The options are endless when you have more time on your hands, and that’s what same day service does for you.

Same Day Services

Make Sure you Respect Your Garage Door

Salt Lake City Garage Door

his way, we simply see it as another door just opening or closing. It is a mistake to look at your garage door so casually. When you don’t see how crucial it is to treat your garage door with respect you run into potential issues because you don’t check up on it as often as you should and you might even let your kids play around and on the door.

It is so dangerous when a garage door spring suddenly snaps and the door falls. Please don’t ever put yourself in this position. Get regular check ups on the door and always treat the door with the utmost respect.

garage door technician

What is “rolling code”? Is it important

Salt Lake City Garage Door rolling code

In a word: Yes. Rolling code is incredible important for the safety of you, your home, and your family. But the more important question is, “why?”

Lucky for you, we have an answer. Basically, your garage door opener and remote are programmed to send a secret “handshake” to each other every time your garage door opener operates. This ensures that your remote is talking to the right opener, and all that jazz. Thieves found a way to learn this secret handshake, and emulate it, to gain access to your garage. From there, they can do whatever they want, which can have some serious implication if you’re one of those who doesn’t lock the door between your home and the garage.

What rolling code does is forces the two to create a new secret handshake every time they operate, that way, if a thief gets the code, when they try and use it, it won’t work.

It’s a great piece of technology that everyone should utilize

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Prep Your Garage for Winter

Salt Lake City Garage Door Winter

With summer over and fall begun it is time to start thinking of what you can do to best prepare for the icy cold winter. Preparing your garage door now can save you a lot of hassle once the cold actually hits. Some of the things to take into consideration is making that your door is insulated, making sure there are no cracks or areas of draft coming in from the outside, and making sure that everything is working right. This will ensure that your garage door will keep working through the winter and it should make it so you don’t have any unexpected issues. We think you should also have a maintenance check at the beginning of the winter just to check up on it all

Garage Door Winter



Different tests garage door safety

Salt Lake City Garage Door Safety

How do you know if your garage door is safe? Do you know if it’s safe right now? How do you know that your garage door is not plotting some sort of murderous rampage that begins with your pets, then moves on to your children, until finally, it has it’s eyes set on you. Why would it stop there? With your neighborhood immediately in front of it, and the world after it, we’re talking about a serious issue here.

Okay, so we’re joking a bit, but really, garage door safety is something that is very important, yet no one seems to understand how important it really is, or how simple it is to keep up on it; allow us to shed some light on this for you. In order to ensure that your garage door is safe, there are three simple tests that need to be performed regularly by a qualified garage door company:

Force and reverse tests. These are the most important style of safety tests, because it tests the built in safety system that stops your garage door from truly being a killer. Built in to each system is a simple feature where the garage door will stop, and / or reverse course when it hits something. Left untested, this feature could no longer work.
Photoelectric eye tests. These eyes are what tell the garage door that there’s nothing in it’s path when closing; left untested, the eyes could be faulty, leading to the garage door closing on someone, or some thing.
Emergency release tests. The emergency release is a simple feature built into every garage door to make sure that you can operate your garage door manually in the event of an emergency / power outage. If left untested, you may trapped in the event of an emergency.
Now that you know a little bit about all of this, ask yourself whether or not you feel safe around your garage door.

garage door safety

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