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How to Style Your Garage Door

Salt Lake City Style Your Garage Door

If you do not want your garage door to be dull and boring, you can style it in different ways. You can use paint or paint spray to add some colors or designs on your garage door to look more lively and colorful. If you do not know how to paint, you can hire an artist or a painter to paint it for you. Another way is by using a garage billboard. It uses a high-quality special material that is light fast, completely weatherproof and can be washed. Velcro strips are used to tightly attach it on the garage door, and it can be removed any time you want. There are a lot of designs and you can even create your own favorite picture and customize the size that you want. One of its amazing effects is the 3D effect that looks deceptively real and will make you and other people stare at it for a couple of seconds or minutes. There are other stores that offer this kind of services but it may be a bit expensive.

Types of garage door openers

Salt Lake City Garage Door Openers

Belt drive garage door opener
This garage door opener uses a belt to operate on pulling hinges and moving thru tracks to open and close the garage door. This is the quietest type of garage door and is a good choice when you have the bedroom above your garage.

Chain drive garage door opener
Chain driven garage door openers are one of the first garage door opener types. This has been used by most homeowners and business owners because of its good value. However, chain driven garage doors are the nosiest types. It is a no-no when you have a room above your garage since it is really noisy.

Screw drive garage door opener
Screw driven garage door openers are the easiest to install if you want to do it for yourself, this type of garage door opener also requires little maintenance.

Keep that garage closed

Keep that garage closed

During the summer it can get very hot outside. This heat can cost you a lot of money in electrical bills. One way to really help maintain the temperature inside your home is to make sure to not open the garage door during the day. We also recommend making sure that your garage door is properly insulated, this can most definitely help to keep the hot air out of the garage and out of your home.

Same day repair

Same Day Repair

When you run into a problem with your garage door it can really put a cramp on your life. With a lot of garage door companies you have to make an appointment for at least a week away to get your door fixed. That can really stress out your day to day life for that week. We know how much it helps to have your garage door working right so we offer same day repairs for no extra cost. We will send a technician out the same day you call to fix the door and get you back to normal life.

Should you upgrade your garage door?

Salt Lake City upgrade your garage door

If you are still living with the same garage door that your house was built with, in most cases, it is time to upgrade. You may have the wrong type of opener, or there may be one that is better for your needs. You may still have a manual garage door when you should have an automatic. Or your garage door just might look outdated and not be running as well as it should be. If any of these things sound like you and your garage door, we would highly recommend upgrading to a new garage door. Any professional garage door company, like Austin Garage Doors, can certainly go over the different doors available to you.

new garage doors

Belt drive or chain drive?

Salt Lake City Garage Door chain drive

If you are looking to install a new garage door and opener you might have noticed that there are different options available. The two most commonly used openers on residential structures are the belt drive and the chain drive. These two openers work in exactly the same but one uses a belt to lift and lower the door and the other uses a chain. The chain drive is usually less expensive but much louder than the belt drive. We always suggest going with the belt drive if you can afford it.

new garage doors

Remember to lock your doors

Staten Island lock Garage doors

It is normal to think you are ok not locking the door inside your garage. You figure it is safe since your garage door is closed. It is true that when your garage door is closed that no one will be getting into your home through it. But what happens if you forgot to close it or if it breaks and you have to leave it open for a few days? If you are not in the habit of locking the door you will be leaving your home at risk for people looking for an easy way in. That is why we believe it is best to remember to always lock the door as you enter or exit your home.

garage door lock

Keep your car inside the garage

Staten Island Garage Door

We think it is a little silly sometimes when people have garages attached to their homes that will really help keep their car safe when they park it inside, but instead they use the garage as a storage unit and park their car in the driveway. A car left out in the open is a huge target to anyone walking by. We think you can do both; keep your car parked inside the garage and still organize what is in there and store it. You can easily put things in bins and label them, stack those bins, and then have space still available for the car.

Same day garage door service

Salt Lake City Garage Door Service

When your garage door breaks down it can be a huge problem for you. It may happen with your car inside the garage and you may not be able to get the car out and get on your way. If this happens, you need to call a garage door company that can send a technician out right away. A lot of garage door companies will tell you they can’t send someone out for a few days to weeks. This is unacceptable. You need to have your garage door fixed and working well right away. Salt Lake City Garage Doors will always send a tech out asap and won’t charge you any additional money for the rush service. Isn’t is nice to have someone on your side?

It’s time to do some maintenance

Salt Lake City Garage Door Maintenance

You get the oil changed on your car, you do repairs on the other parts of your home when they need it…and your garage door should be no different. The garage door is used every single day and with all of its parts it is important to keep up on maintenance to ensure that nothing goes wrong. The garage door is also very heavy and if it were to snap and fall it could be really bad for anything under the door at the time.

Austin Garage Doors is here to help with any and all garage door maintenance issues you may have, we will even come out the same day you call.

Salt Lake City Garage Doors

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