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Tips for Painting

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Your garage door is a part of your house and just like any other part of its important to make it appealing and attractive. Painting is one way to do just that but it’s not as easy as it sounds, more over it needs proper attention and careful procedures to be followed. Simply follow this article and you will be able to beautify that garage door in a flash.

Number one to remember is the timing. Paint your garage door in the appropriate weather and climate. Don’t paint in too cold or too hot time of the day, or you may end up with something you did not anticipate. Next is to prepare the surface. This means to sand off any peeling paint to prevent unwanted layering. After that, you should clean the door. Clean off any dirt or unwanted material off the door with a clean cloth. Then, prepare all materials you’re going to use such as the brush, the paint, and all the other stuff you’re going to need. If you’re going for something fancy, then remember to prime your paint. Lastly, paint your door according to the design and color you want it to be.

Remember to tidy up after you have painted to keep things organized.

Windows to add style

Salt Lake CIty Windows to add style

When you drive down the street and you notice all of the other garage door and then you see yours you may have noticed that the other doors look more stylish with their garage door windows. This may get you to wonder if you should get windows. It may also make you worry about the privacy of what is in your garage.

Garage door manufacturers took this into account when they started designing doors with windows and they actually put a film over the window that allows light in from the outside but keeps eyes out. Adding windows can really make your garage door pop, if you are interested in your options call Salt Lake City Garage Doors and we will send someone out!

garage door windows



Either a homeowner realizes too late that his garage door opener remote is missing, or they wake up to find that a prowler used a stolen garage door opener to break into her home while she and her family slept. It’s the former scenario that was reported recently in Denver, Colorado, where one woman noticed that her garage door opener remote was missing most likely very soon after it was stolen.

“The next day my husband goes, ‘Honey, where is the garage door opener? Did you take it out of the car?’ I said, ‘No. It should be where we keep it in the car’ and he said, ‘Well, it’s not there,’” Bonnie Robinson told the Denver reporter on the scene. Bonnie was able to change the garage door opener remote before its thieves returned to ransack her home. She was lucky. Others have fallen victim to home break-ins and robberies that would never have happened were it not for someone casually leaving their garage door opener remote in plain sight in an unlocked car (or stashed away in the glove compartment, for that matter).

Many homeowners are even purchasing all new garage door opening systems as a safeguard against theft. If your garage door opener was manufactured before 2003, the local Denver Fox affiliate reports, thieves don’t even need the garage door opener remote to break in. With those older models of garage door openers, they just intercept the radio signal that the garage door opener transmits with a device called a code grabber.

“We had to adapt the industry to fit the crime,” said Mario Riggio with Overhead Door Company of Denver. Newer garage door openers use rolling codes that change every time you use them. “4.3 billion codes before it will ever repeat itself,” said Riggio

Finding the perfect garage door

Salt Lake City perfect garage door

We love installing new garage doors for customers. There is nothing quite as satisfying as finding the perfect garage door for someone’s home and then seeing their face when they see the new garage door installed. A new garage door can really make your entire home look a million times better and add value to the property. We love what we do and that is repairing, installing, and taking care of all of your garage door needs. If you are interested in a new garage door please give us a call and we will be proud to help you out.

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Jon Van Brocklin gave up a lot for his country, including use of his extremities and his mental health. In return? A local garage door company in Van Brocklin’s home town of Racine, Wisconsin, rewarded his wife with a new garage door opener. The small gift was a big deal to Van Brocklin’s wife Jamie, who told the Journal Times that the new garage door was completely unexpected.

The incredible story of valor and garage door charity begins with Van Brocklin’s impressive military service, a career that included tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. “He is 100 percent disabled,” his wife told the local paper, “but he has all his body parts.” Perhaps it was this attitude of gratitude that attracted the good will that would ultimately lead to her garage door being repaired by a local good Samaritan.

The garage door was inoperable at at the home on Racine’s south side where the Van Brocklins lived mortgage-free, thanks to the Military Warriors Support Foundation. When the garage door motor quit working, Jamie called Jim’s Garage Door Service of Racine. The Journal Times reported: “Because the garage door was inoperable, the installers, Jeff Hanson and Tyler Larsen, entered through the house’s front door.”

“They saw the military pictures and the plaque for the (free) house,” Jamie said. Eventually, Jamie shared Jon’s military story. While many veterans do return from long and repeated deployments only minimally changed, Van Brocklin hadn’t fared as well. He was awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star of Valor for his combat injuries, resulting in medical retirement the summer following his last tour. But even though Van Brocklin left the Army, the experience was slow to leave him or his subconscious. Van Brocklin continues to suffer from panic attacks and is still in treatment for both PTSD and traumatic brain injury, the paper reported.

After the installers visited the Van Brocklins’ home, Hanson went home and talked with his wife about the wounded veteran. When Jamie called to ask about being billed for the repair, she was told the garage door repair had already been paid for.

Lock Your Doors

Salt Lake City Lock Your Doors

One of the absolute biggest things you can do to help keep your family and home safe is to lock your doors. We mean all of your doors all the time. Some people will leave their car door unlocked if they are just running into the house really quickly and then back out. The reason this is becoming more and more of an issue is because thieves are taking full advantage.

People will see your garage door open and try the car door. If it is open then they will steal the garage door opener so they can come back when you aren’t home, open the garage, and steal things. Sometimes they will only steal from the garage, but if your house door in the garage is unlocked then they might go into your home as well.

That is why it is so incredibly important to keep your garage door shut unless you are actively going into or out of the garage, to keep your car doors locked (even if you are just running in real quick), and all of your house doors should be locked too (even the one in your garage going into your home).

Just doing this one thing will make it so that you are not easily at risk for this type of robbery. It will take you maybe 30 extra seconds to make sure everything is closed and locked but it can save you a lot of money in stolen things.


Staten Island Green Garage Door

It’s a new year, a new life, and there’s no time like the present to reassess what’s really important. In your life. Yours. What really matters to you? If you don’t know, it’s time to decide. Now is the time to live the life you were born to live. Be your best self. Go big or go home. Go green. Start with your garage door. Go ahead.

Perhaps you’re overdue for a new garage door anyway. Or maybe you’re just long overdue for a change. Change your garage door, change your life. You don’t need a reason to choose a garage door that is environmentally friendly, although many reasons are available to you. A green garage door is better for the fragile planet. A green garage door is made from recycled materials. Eco-friendly garage doors come in a variety of materials: recycled wood, steel. The latter considered green only because of its longevity, its tendency to last forever before it’s sent off to be remade, reborn again in a new form. Reduce, reuse, recycle, reconsider your options. You have to start somewhere. You have to start sometime. What better place than here? What better time than now?

There’s the planet to consider, but you think of other reasons. Added incentives for a green garage door include: improved energy efficiency. No more falling asleep at your desk. Wake up before the sunrise to go for a jog. Eat a well rounded breakfast, your body will thank you for it. Read a book a week. Call your parents on Sundays. A green garage door makes all of this possible. A green garage door will also lower your energy costs. Heat your home, heat your life, for a new reduced price. You get what you pay for. You get the green garage door, fiberglass, with attractive window panels. A new garage door to go with the new you.

garage door green

Garage doors technicians

Salt lake City Garage doors technicians

The employees of a company are important elements to make a successful company. Salt Lake City garage door’s goal is to solve every garage door problem in line with their services, and this job should be done well. The garage door technicians work hard to reach this goal to provide success and customer satisfaction. Here are some qualities their technicians have:

They are very well trained
Salt Lake City garage doors has made sure that the technicians they’re hiring have gained adequate training

They have gained enough experience
Experience is one of their technicians’ best assets

They are certified garage door technicians and experts
Salt Lake City garage doors wants you to trust them and so their garage door techniciansshould be certified for them to provide you with the best garage door services.

Good communicating skills
This is important of course, so that understanding and professionalism is reached

Good backgrounds
Don’t worry about dishonest technicians; they are never a part of Salt Lake City garage doors team

Garage Door Motor

Salt Lake City Garage Door Motor

The garage door motor is one of the most essential parts of the entire machine. Without the motor, the garage door cannot open which prevents it from doing its main function. So this article will briefly discuss the garage door motor and its parts.

The motor is the one responsible for the closing and opening of garage doors. First we have the motor and gears, and through these two parts the motor will be able to start the movement of the door. They prevent the door from falling too fast so it doesn’t crash towards the ground. The next part is the drive guide, also known as the T-rail. Basically, it acts as a guide and a shield to the belt, chain, or screw when the door opens and closes. The height adjustment determines the length the door travels, it makes adjustments in the event that the door isn’t closing or opening properly. The last part is the battery; it is either AC or DC which as we all know provides power to the entire machine.

Knowing your machine is the easiest way for it to be properly maintained and at the same time keep you safe. This will keep you and your family happy with your garage door.

Can my garage door help sell my house?

Salt Lake City Garage Door Help

Have you ever wondered how to make your house even more valuable than it may currently be? If so, a very simple thing you can do to raise the value is to replace or repair the garage door. Sometimes even a simple new paint job can make all the difference.

The garage door is usually one of the first things people notice when looking at your home, and if it’s true that first impressions are most important then you better make sure your garage door looks great! Call your local garage door company (salt lake City Garage Doors *wink* *wink*) today to find out more on upgrading your garage door.

garage door help

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