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How To Quiet A Noisy Garage Door

Noisy Garage Door

Noisy garage doors are one of the most annoying things one could come across of especially for those who have to sleep above or next to a garage door- thanks to the room location – but not anymore, because there are 3 ways available to reduce and stop the noise of your garage door and to keep it from disruption creation.

Let’s now have a look at the 3 simple ways that could help you in noise reduction of your door;

Tight the Nuts
You have to tighten all the nuts up to an appropriate level; over tighten or loose nuts would contribute towards noise creation. Therefore you would have to opt out for a moderate approach to set things up.

Replace your Metal Rollers
Another source of noise in garage door could be considered, rollers. As rollers move upward or downward on the metal track, they then tend to make noise. Therefore, you have to keep a check on them if they are worn out then it is better to replace them.

Moreover, you can also use nylon rollers instead of metal ones to reduce the amount of noise being generated by movement of rollers over the track.

Caution: Garage doors use two different spring systems; extension springs at the upper tracks and torsion springs to the header. If you have used torsion springs then do not attempt replacement of the bottom bracket on your own. Because doing so could cause you serious injury. Therefore, leave this job to the professionals at New Castle Garage Doors.

Replace Hinges
Hinges which houses the roller stem could also wear out followed by noise creation. Therefore, it would be better if you inspect all the holes in hinges and then replace them if required in order to reduce your garage door noise

garage door noisy

Garage Clutter Cleaning Tips

Salt Lake City Garage Door Cleaning

A lot of us are continuously bothered by the number of items we have in our garage. It looks like a dumping ground of the city, or worse so, of the world. There can be a lot of stuff in the garage that is either accumulating for no reason or has simply been thrown in that space because it is not really being used anymore. This is the reason why you would be finding gardening tools that were never washed after use, some old footballs that can hardly be put to good use, a pair of shoes you are deeply attached to and much more stuff (like the things you want to hide from your spouse!). The reasons could be many but there is only one way to organize your garage with ease. Follow these tips and learn more.

• Schedule a weekend clean-up. You would likely get dirty and tired at the end of the day after which you would need another day to unwind.
• Start by removing all the ‘stuff’ from your garage and bringing it out in the sun. You have a lawn, use it to store this stuff temporarily. Take everything out, even if it is just an old book that is now rotting. Now, come back and organize your stuff in different piles. It really helps you a lot. The first pile should be of the stuff that you wish to keep. This is all the essential stuff such as your gardening hose or your lawn mower. The next pile should be of the things that you can donate or sell. Make sure that they are in a good condition. The next pile should be of the stuff that you wish to throw away. Finally, you would be left with a small pile of things that you may feel emotionally attached to but are of no use anymore. Forget about it and move on to the next step.
• Now, clean your garage. Yes! Clean it in as good way as possible and make sure that you don’t leave any corner untouched. Take some help from a buddy or family member and get all the dust and dirt out of your dear garage.
• Come back. Check the 4th pile again. Do you really need this stuff anymore (in your brand new tidy garage)? If not, cut the ties of emotional attachment and put this in one of the other three piles.

Great! You are done!

Garage Doors Salt Lake City, Utah

What you can do for your garage door?

What you can do for your garage door

There aren’t a whole lot of things that we recommend that you do for your garage door– A lot of garage door repairs are really dangerous for the ambitious DIY homeowner. There is one thing that we say you can do on your own.

And as a matter of fact, this is something that we recommend you do. It’s simple: Dust your garage door springs. Think about it– When dust piles up, it turns into a sort of gooey mess that could interfere with the operation of your garage door. Your springs are the most important part of the whole show since they’re responsible for actually bearing the weight and opening and closing your garage door. Think about what could happen if something messes with that system!? Bad news.

That’s why, you can call us out for maintenance regularly, or you can call us out for maintenance every so often plus do yourself the favor and dust your garage door springs.

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Repairs ‘Round the Clock

Repairs ‘Round the Clock

We offer 24 / 7 garage door services and repairs, and most people don’t see that as something special. A lot of people will recognize that this is something extra offered to our customers, but they don’t really connect why it’s important.

So why is it? Well, the last time your garage door broke down, did it ask you if now was the right time for it to break down?

Probably not. Garage doors aren’t that considerate.

So if your garage door decides to break when you get home from a late event, and you need someone to fix it right away, do you see why it’s important to have someone that can be there for you at any time?

garage door repair in salt lake city

Does Same Day Service Matter?

Does Same Day Service Matter


Have a nice day.

Kidding! I mean, that’s a very direct post, and it definitely makes an impact, but that’s not really helping you much, and that certainly isn’t contributing to adding more useful information to the Internet.

So, what are some of the top reasons why you should choose a garage door repair company that offers same day garage door services?

This company values your time more, so you know that they will likely do a better job because they’re invested in their customers.
This company understands that your garage door is something that should not be left broken, and has a greater understanding of garage doors.
This company cares about doing a good job as soon as possible.
There are others, but that’s a good overview. For the record, we’re one of those companies that offers same day service, with a smile, at no extra charge!

Salt Lake City Garage Door Same Day Service

A letter from our mailbag!

A letter from our mailbag!

We wanted to share this Email I got from one of our recent customers– We love hearing from them, although they usually call; I’m not sure how they got my Email. I’m guessing from my technician Anyway, here it is:

“Dear Gio–

Thank you so much for running such an outstanding operation! I can definitely say I didn’t plan on having my garage door break down, and when I went online looking for someone to fix it, I didn’t think I would have it done that day! Not only that, but your employee Jon was fantastic, and very helpful! I feel like everyone always tells you when you do something wrong, but no one ever tells you when you do something right, but you deserved to hear from me!



That made my day.

garage door mailbag

Rolling Code Technology

Garage Door Rolling Code Technology

The future has arrived! Well, actually, if rolling code technology is the arrival of the future, the future has been around for a while, but still! The future has arrived! We now have this technology that can make it so that your garage door is secure from hackers and thieves.

Have you heard of the game “Watchdogs,” where the characters can hack into just about anything? Well, we don’t live in that sort of world, but we do live in a world where the technology currently exists for people to get into your garage by similar means.

Which is why your garage door opener system should always live in the future, using rolling code technology. It’s a simple process that ensures the code to activate your opener stays hidden, and it’s something we proudly offer!

Rolling Code Technology

Give your garage door a makeover

Garage Door Makeover

Has your garage door started looking bad, is it making your entire home look old and run down? An ugly, broken, or old garage door can certainly make the entire outside of your home look run down and less than stellar. Luckily if your garage door is still working fine but just doesn’t look all that great there are things you can do to fix that. The quickest way to make the door look great is simply to paint it. Find a neutral color that is flattering to the rest of the colors on the exterior of your home and go to town! You would be so surprised at how much better everything will look with a fresh coat of paint.

garage door a makeover

Free with every repair!

Garage Door Repairs In Salt Lake City

Do you know of a garage door company that gives something away free with each service? Well, if you know of us and are on our blog, you’ll now know of at least one! That’s because something we include with each service we do is our experience. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Doesn’t everyone have experience?” Well, not necessarily, and I would argue that you’d be hard pressed to find another company that has our level of experience. We’ve seen so much, been so many places, and dealt with so many unique repairs that we can safely say that we can handle it all now!

And we don’t charge extra for bringing along our experience with every service– That’s something that certainly sets us apart from the rest. . . That’s what we give you for free with every single service!

Free with every repair

My Hero – The Family Garage Door

Garage Door Compmany In Salt Lake City

Dear Sirs,

Just a note to let you know how impressed my 10-year-old daughter was with your garage door spring replacement service, and in particular, with your technician named Andy.

Andy was patient enough to explain everything he was doing, step by step. I guess Andy really loves his job, because he kept gushing to my little Sophia about how great garage doors and openers are, and how automatic garage doors are the backbone of society. What a character that Andy is! He couldn’t stop gushing about how fabulous and advanced modern “smart” garage door openers are.

That really impressed Sophia, so she decided to write her class assignment titled “My Hero” about our garage door.

It was magnificent! After weeks of preparation, little Sophia poured her heart into a labor of love, consisting of a presentation full of praise for the neglected garage door, a 45-minute Powerpoint presentation extolling the virtues of modern laminate doors, and a 1:47 scale actual working garage door diorama. A tear came to Sophia’s eye as she extolled the virtues of the modern garage door opener, pointing out to her tiny classmates how awesome and cost-effective the garage door is, how it beautifies your home, protects your vehicle, and keeps your family safe from intruders.

But then her teacher stood up, announced that an inanimate object like a garage door could never, ever be a hero, gave little Sophia a D-minus, and threw her diorama in the trash.

Sophia will probably have to repeat the 4th grade now.

The Family Garage Door

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