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Music Garage Door Techs Like

Music Garage Door Salt Lake City

We’re interrupting your regularly scheduled informative blogs for a quick post geared more toward getting to know your garage door repair techs from Salt Lake City Garage Doors! This week’s topic: What kind of music we like to listen to while working out in the field.

Well, personally, I like to listen to something pretty rockin’ with a pretty good beat. A good example would be David Bowie’s “Suffragette City:”

Other techs like some more modern music, like “Pompeii:”

And then there’s my son– He has terrible taste in music, but he likes to listen to video game music, like this bizarre song that he sent me:

And then there’s my son– He has terrible taste in music, but he likes to listen to video game music, like this bizarre song that he sent me:

I sometimes wonder what’s wrong with him, but then again, he knows garage door springs, so I’m proud of him!

Options for an Opener Upgrade

Garage Door Opener In Salt Lake City

Most homeowners have the cheap, run of the mill chain drive garage door opener isntalled that makes quite a bit of noise. What if you one of the smart homeowners that has decided they want a smoother, quieter operating garage door opener? What are your choices?

Belt Drive Opener, which operates in a very similar way to the chain drive, except it’s quieter and smoother.
Screw Drive, which is heavy duty, ultra reliable, but could potentially be pretty noisy.
Jack Shaft, which is for special applications– We’ll write an entirely different blog post about that one of these days.
So, which one is right for you? We usually recommend going with a belt drive– More cost effective than a screw drive, and much quiet / smoother than a chain drive opener. Ask us about garage door opener options today!

Options for an Opener Upgrade

“Excuse me, but are you open today?”

Garage Door In Salt Lake City

We were surprisingly busy on Holiday, and surprisingly, a lot of the customers that called in started their phone call the same way:

“Excuse me, but are you open today? I really need you to come fix my opener.”

Are we open today?! That really caught us off guard, not only because it was a Monday, but because we never close.

That’s right! We’re always open and ready to serve you, so there’s no need having to ask that anytime you call in to us.

Plus, think about it: If we’re answering the phone, I think the answer should be clear: Salt Lake City Garage Doors is open.

garage door open

What’s in a name?

What’s in a name

Garage door, that is a name that actually represents a lot more than we realize. The garage is the biggest entryway into our homes. The garage is where we keep our cars and other valuable items. So the garage door is so much more than just a door, it is a security guard and block from the outside world.

The garage door keeps what we have inside safe and keeps unwanted visitors and bad weather out. Our garage doors are the protector of our home. So the next time your garage door is asking for a little upgrade or maintenance you should really listen!

garage door blog

My garage door opener is too dang loud!

Garage Door Opener Is Too Dang Loud

Is your garage door opener keeping you up late at night? Maybe it’s not, but it could be waking you up too early. If it’s doing neither of those, it could still be terribly unpleasant dealing with an overly noisy garage door opener.

This is where we come in.

If your garage door is producing enough noise that you’re unhappy about it, you likely have a chain drive garage door opener, the most inexpensive style of garage door opener, which also happens to be the loudest.

So how do you get around this? You upgrade to a belt drive opener. By using a smoother, quieter operating belt drive motor, your garage door will be just as efficient, just as awesome, but nowhere near as loud!

My garage door opener is too dang loud

Are you still the garage door opener?

Garage Door Opener

Recently, we drove past a home where the homeowner (or tenant) was getting out of their car to open their garage door so they could park.

. . . We had to stop, park, and watch, just to make sure we weren’t going crazy, and we were actually witnessing some sort of strange ritual from a bygone era.

Has this person not heard of a garage door opener? They’ve been around for a while, and garage door opener installation isn’t that expensive.

Wow. . . “Garage door opener installation.” That’s not something you hear often because basically everyone has a garage door opener already installed. Anyway– There’s no reason for you to be the garage door opener; have one installed today!

garage door opener salt lake city

Garage Door Frosty Windows!

Garage Door Frosty Windows

Almost everyone out there has windows on their garage door– And of those people with windows on the garage door, there’s probably very few that haven’t had their windows frosted or blacked out.

Maybe even as low as 5 people in all of silicon valley.

Are you one of them?

If so, this blog is directed right at you, because it’s important that you have frosted garage door windows– This helps to keep your home secure from all the thieves lurking in the dark; and it also helps to create a uniform look for your garage, which represents a very large portion of your home.

There are other benefits too– Basically, just get your windows frosted / tinted!

garage door windows

Garage door opener I get?

Garage Door Opener

In many cases, many garage door owners already have one installed or they already know what they are looking for. If you are one of the people who are interested in buying one but don’t know what garage door openers are more beneficial to you, you have come to the right place. When it comes to looking for a garage door opener, you want to take in account of the following three factors: affordability, longevity, and strength. As everyone knows, as the country is going through some financial challenges, everyone will do anything they can to save a penny here or there or even $20 if they could. When looking to purchase a garage door opener, don’t jump at the first company you find; shop around. It is really important for you to look around and get ideas of what they offer and what it would cost; you’d be surprise that some of these companies offer their best services at a really good price. Longevity; when it comes to affordability, longevity comes into play. No one wants to pay for repeated services especially when you recently installed a new garage door opener and it is beginning to be faulty. Longevity comes into play because you want to be able to save money and time with a garage door opener that would last a bit longer, so look into covered warranties for both services and parts for your garage door opener. And last but not least, strength. You want to be able to provide the best horsepower that agrees with your garage door so have a technician come out and take a look at your garage door so that you may get the best of your money’s worth and have a garage door opener that won’t fall apart because your garage door opener is too heavy.

garage door opener salt lake city

Emergency Garage Door Services

Garage Door Services

When your garage door breaks down it is important for you to have someone out right away to fix it, especially if your car is stuck inside the garage. Most garage door companies are only open during regular business hours and they will make you schedule an appointment…usually for later in the week. At San Jose Garage Doors we understand how imperative it is to get to you and fix your garage door as quickly as humanly possible. We offer emergency garage door services and same day garage door repairs for no extra charge because we want to help you. We believe in making every customer happy and we do that by providing excellent service any time day or night. If you are in need of a garage door service please call us right away!

Emergency Garage Door Services

Chain Drive and Belt Drive

Chain Drive

Many of our customers have no idea why they should choose one style of opener over another, and for that, we feel like we should do a better job of comparing specific styles of garage door opener against one another, rather than just discussing how each one works. So, to start, we’re going to look at the economical chain drive opener against the upgraded belt drive opener:

Operation: Belt drive openers operate at fast speeds, more efficiently, quieter, and more smoothly than chain drive openers.
Reliability: Belt drive openers last longer between services, and also tend to break down less often than chain drive openers.
Security: Both styles of openers are very secure to issues

garage door opener salt lake city

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