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Open Indicator Monitors

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Do you, as a homeowner with a functioning garage door, identify as any of the following:

  • You are forgetful, often forgetting very basic things like where you placed your keys, whether you left the stove on, etc.?
  • Are you prone to anxiety, constantly second guessing yourself over minor (or major things)?
  • Do you constantly fear for the safety and security of you, your family, and your things?
  • Do you have kids or family members who are forgetful and constantly leave the garage door open?

If you answered yes to any of those, we have an item that we definitely think you should have installed on your garage door if you don’t already:

Garage Door Open Indicator Monitors – The perfect thing for you

Garage door open indicator monitors are awesome options for homeowners that identify as forgetful, prone to anxiety, or overly concerned with safety.  They’re the ultimate option if you need to know whether or not the garage door is shut.  It installs both at your garage door, and in your home, and alerts you when the garage door has been left open.

Why would I want an open indicator monitor?

The answer may not seem obvious at first, but we assure you, these are great options.  Open indicator monitors make sure that you don’t leave your garage door open, which will leave you, your loved ones, and your possessions exposed to the outside world.  Have you ever left your garage door open for a period of time and then noticed something missing later?  Well, you can avoid that now by being reminded that you need to go close your garage door.  In a similar vein, if you’ve ever noticed that your garage door was left open overnight, and you realized this the next morning and thought, “Someone could have come into my home overnight,” this will help prevent that feeling as well!

garage doors Open Indicator Monitors

Garage Door Hurting Your Home Value

Salt Lake City Garage Door – Is Your Garage Door Hurting Your Home Value?

Have you been thinking about selling your home? If you are thinking of listing your home on the market one of the things you need to think about is the overall home value, and you might be surprised to know that the garage door plays a huge factor in this.

People looking to buy a new home don’t want to have to worry about replacing a garage door as soon as they move in, and in some cases might pass on the house or offer a much lower price if the garage door isn’t working properly. You might think “but the garage door works just fine.” However with how much of the exterior of your home is the garage door if the door doesn’t look new then that can also affect people’s opinion of the house overall. The last thing you want is for someone not to even look at the house because when they drove past they were distracted by an old or ugly garage door.

It is well worth the small investment to either upgrade your garage door or make sure that it is working properly before you put your house on the market. We promise it will make a big difference.

garage door home

Looking for an open indication monitor?

Staten Island Garage Door Looking for an open indication monitor?

Are you a resident of Salt Lake City looking for an open indication monitor?  Do you even know what an open indication monitor is?  Allow us to break it down a little bit for you.

Open Indication Monitor SLC

A little background about open indication monitors for your garage door.

An open indication monitor is a brilliant device that clues you in when your garage door is left open.  This can serve many purposes:

  • If you’re forgetful and have a habit of leaving your garage door open, an open indication monitor will help keep you from forgetting.
  • If you have kids that are forgetful, you can now rest easy.
  • If you go in and out of your garage door constantly and second guess yourself, you can now rest easy.

So, basically, it’s a very simple way to ensure that you don’t leave your home, and your life, vulnerable to the outside world.

What do you mean by leaving your life vulnerable?

If you leave your garage door open over night, or even throughout the day, your entire life is vulnerable–  Let’s say some sort of burglar is walking past your home and notices that your garage door is left open.  Their job is now made super easy since they only have to do half of the break & enter job–  They just have to enter.  If they wanted to take it a step further, they could possible even enter into your home from your garage door if it’s an attached garage, all because you left your garage door open.  Of course, it’s not just burglars you have to worry about–  In the age of reckless, disrespectful teenagers, you also have to worry about people vandalizing the items in your garage. . .  And in the case of nosy neighbors, you have to also worry about wandering eyes.

The solution to all of this?  Being reminded when you’ve accidentally left your garage door open so that you may close it and secure your life.

Garage Door Maintenance

Salt Lake City Garage Door Maintenance – Garage Door in Salt Lake City, Utah

Here’s the deal, most people don’t think about their garage door at all unless it breaks down. We understand that it is the easiest way of dealing with life and that it is probably not on your list of most important things….however, it is not something you should only pay attention to when it becomes a problem. When you schedule regular maintenance on your garage door you will actually save yourself so much time and money later on.

When you have regular garage door maintenance checks done it allows for the technician to find any issues before they cause the entire door to stop working. Most check ups take less than an hour and are far less expensive than a major repair. Don’t wait till your garage door becomes an issue, be proactive and make scheduled maintenance checks.

Belt Drive Opener

Salt Lake City Garage Door Openers | Salt Lake City, Utah

A lot of customers are interested in updating their garage door opener to something that is a bit more modern, and a bit more interesting than what they’ve had for some time now. . .  But most of them don’t want to do it for the sake of doing it; they want something out of it.  While we can’t guarantee that your new garage door opener will offer better conversation, nor will it make you coffee, we can guarantee that by switching to a belt drive opener from a chain drive opener, you’ll see a few of these benefits:

  • Much quieter garage door experience that alerts only your family members that your garage door is operating, and not the entire block.
  • Much quicker garage door experience so that you spend at least 10 seconds less of your day sitting still.
  • Much more reliable garage door experience to ensure that you don’t have the urge to strike your garage door opener down with all of your hatred so that your journey toward the dark side will be complete.
"You've failed your highness. [I switched to a belt drive opener.]" - Luke Skywalker

“You’ve failed your highness. [I switched to a belt drive opener], like my father before me.” – Luke Skywalker

Awesome Resources

Salt Lake City Garage Doors | Salt Lake City, Utah

We’ve noticed lately that there are a lot of other great resources on the internet for information on garage door repairs and services. We thought we would share a few links we found helpful for you to peruse. Let us know if you have any great resources you use for repairs on your garage door!

And of course you can check out our Salt Lake City Garage Door Repair page for info too!

Your garage door is not a joke

Garage Door Salt Lake City

Ok, let’s get real here. Do you think of your garage door as an important part of your home and life? Most people don’t but they really should. Your garage door is so important to your everyday life. It opens and closes quickly and efficiently allowing you to quickly move your car in or out. It closes securely keeping everything inside safe from the outside world. And it does all of this with no complaints. But so many people neglect the door and don’t think about it at all until the very bad and inconvenient day when something goes wrong the garage door doesn’t work right.

At that point it is usually too late to repair the door easily and it will end up costing you a lot more money and time than if you kept on maintenance. That is why we suggest you have maintenance checks done at least once to twice a year!

Holiday Emergency?

Salt Lake City Garage Doors – Holiday Emergency?

If you have something go wrong with your garage door this Holiday season call us right away. We can send someone out the same day you call. It doesn’t matter if it is Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, or New Years Day we will get a technician out to your home to repair your garage door. On top of offering services at any time of day or night there won’t even be an extra cost for us to come out. You should never have to worry about having to keep your garage door open over night because it is broken and it is a Holiday.


How about a screw drive opener?

Salt Lake City Garage Door Opener | Salt Lake City, Utah

We have a lot of customers that want the best when it comes to their garage door opener, and we repeatedly make the claim that the screw drive style garage door opener is the best for you.  Why is that?  Here are some of the advantages to having this style of opener over the others:

  • Faster operation, with speedier opening and closing times.
  • Enhanced durability, meaning you won’t have to deal with as many issues.
  • Quieter operation, which means it won’t be nearly as headache inducing as your chain drive opener.

And those are just three of the many advantages, which is why we recommend these style of openers to everyone! If you are looking for more information on openers check out our Salt Lake City Garage Door openers page.

Should I get a jackshaft opener?

Salt Lake City Garage Door Opener – Should I get a jackshaft opener?

you are looking to get a new garage door opener installed  then you might be wondering which type is best for your circumstances. In most homes we use a belt drive opener or a chain drive opener, both of these openers are housed on the top of the garage in the middle and they lift the door from there. The jackshaft opener is a very specific opener only used in certain situations. The primary use of a jackshaft opener is to save space in a shorter garage. The jackshaft opener is housed on the side of the garage allowing more headroom for a taller car. These openers are generally recommended for condos and smaller spaces, but would not be the best option otherwise. Click here for more info on openers!

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