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Every so often, a customer will call in saying that they were unbelievably happy with our service and wanted to tell us. We usually joke back and say, “Put it in writing.” So this particular customer asked for our Email address so that they could.

It’s been a while since I’ve been taken so literally.

So she sent in a testimonial, and here’s an excerpt:

“Ive never been so pleased with some one coming out and fixing my house. they were so fast, so proffesional, and he even dressed nicer then you would have thought. I wont use anyone else anymore!”

We love when our customers are happy.

Do you want to help us when we come out?

Garage Door Repair In Salt Lake City

We’ve had some of our customers turn into real eager beavers when we come out to fix their garage door– Some even strap on a toolbelt and want to be the next Tim the Toolman Taylor and help us out!

We appreciate that enthusiasm, and if you ever decide you want to be an apprentice garage door repair tech, give us a call!

However, for a multitude of reasons, we can’t allow you to help us. Not only is it a massive insurance issue, but it’s also a safety reason– Garage doors are not simple, and they aren’t exactly safe either. A lot can go wrong when someone lacking experience tackles any aspect of garage door repair or maintenance, which is why this is something best left to the professionals.

As much as you’d love to help, here’s how we recommend you assist us: Go out and enjoy yourself while we work, and come back to a job well done!

garage door repairman

We were open!

Garage Door In Salt Lake City

You wouldn’t believe how many people needed garage door service on the recent holidays– And each person that called had the same question: “Are you guys open today?” Well, it’s a little late now, but it’s important for you to know that yes, we were open! We’re always open! No matter what day of year it is, and no matter what holiday it is, we’re always here to serve you, because we know that you have a very impolite garage door– It’s not necessarily going to wait for a convenient day to break down, so we want to make sure that we can always be here for you!

Is there a right way to do spring replacement?

Garage Door Service In Salt Lake City

Sometimes, we like to think of ourselves like a caddy. A golf caddy is not just someone who carries around some golf players clubs– A caddy is also someone who offers advice, insight, tips, and even makes recommendations based on many different facts out on the course.

We’re kind of similar, in a way– When you call us for some services, we’re going to do similar things. We’re going to assess what’s going on, and give you our recommendation based on all of that.

Of course, just as I’m sure Tiger Woods doesn’t always listen to our caddy, you don’t have to, but I’d advise you do. Take for instance spring replacement. Springs wear down at a similar rate, so when one breaks, the other is sure to follow soon. If you put it off and only replace the offending spring, that means you’ll likely have to call us again in a matter of weeks for a brand new service; this is not only a hassle for you, the homeowner, but we also offer discounts on springs when sold in pairs, so you would no longer get to take advantage of that.

We offer the advice that best helps you– It’s up to you to decide whether or not you’ll take it.

Why Our Technicians Rock

Garage Door Repair In Salt Lake City

All garage door repair companies have technicians, and all would likely tell you that their garage door technicians are the best. If you were to ask them why, what sort of answer do you think you’d get?

“Because. . . We’re us?”

That’s no response! Instead, here are reasons why the techs at Salt Lake City Garage Doors truly are awesome:

They’re all driven, goal oriented people.
They all have an active interest in garage doors and garage door technologies.
They have an encyclopedic knowledge of garage door systems and parts.
They are fast.
They are nice.
And they clean up pretty well too!
Make a smart choice by having our technicians come out to your home for your garage door repairs!

One Of My Garage Door Springs Is Broken

One Of My Garage Door Springs Is Broken – Should I Replace Both?

Garage door springs are one of the most common service calls that are made in the industry. The reason is that they springs do the job of supporting the 300 plus pounds of weight that is the garage door. They are wound tight and are under an extreme amount of pressure. Eventually the wear and tear of a garage door spring will cause the spring to let go and fail. Oddly enough this always seems to happen to people when they are late for work or have to go to an appointment.

Since a garage door spring isn’t a planned expense for most homeowners, many people tend to get defensive when they are told to replace both of their springs. After all, the springs aren’t exactly cheap, and there this is the labor costs to install them. Which is why many people tend to think that they can save money by only replacing one spring.

The reality is that this will end up costing you more money. Since garage door springs are installed in pairs, it makes sense that if one spring breaks, the other one is ready to break. Since most of the labor cost is incurred when replacing one spring, there isn’t really a significant fee to install two springs in terms of the labor. However if you install only one spring and then have the other spring break shortly afterwards, you will be paying double the labor costs. That is why it’s better just to replace both springs.

How to Put Up the Best Garage Sale Ever!

Garage Door Company In Salt Lake City

A lot of people these days are already tired of piling up all those unwanted items in their attic or garage. If you are one of them, then it is best that you start planning for a garage sale to generate money from all that clutter. This is definitely an effective idea, especially when there are still usable items in your room. It is a sure way of generating some cash out of the things you have already set aside.

If you are interested in the idea and are looking for ways to host the best garage sale ever, then check out the following things that Salt Lake City Garage Doors suggests you should do:

• The first thing that you should do is learn the laws implemented in your community about yard sales. It is best that you get everything right to avoid breaking any rules or laws about it.

• Never forget to create a sign that is sure to entice the attention of people in your community. Make sure that it is not like the signs that you would just put on a pizza box. Give a little effort to catch the attention of as much buyers as possible.

• Next big thing that you should do is filtering all the things that you are planning to sell. It is best that you group all related stuff in one place and have an enticing order of items to make your yard sale as organized as possible. Plan for the prices, print these all up or just write them on a clean sheet of paper and stick tags on the items.

• Prepare for people who love bargains. Make your prices and items as flexible as possible to make them buy whatever item they want. Furthermore, never forget to prepare for some cash and coins to make changing easy.
By preparing for your garage sale using the tips mentioned above, you can expect to hold the best garage sale ever in your community.

When do I need to call a professional?

Salt Lake City Garage Door Company

Have you been having problems with your garage door? If you have noticed that it is making a lot of noise while operating or just looks run down? These are the types of things you can certainly fix up yourself. Typically squeaking just means that the hinges and springs need to be lubricated. And if the door is just looking a little old and run down you can definitely paint the door to spruce it up. Basically, anything cosmetic is something that is safe for you to do on your own. However, if your garage door has any problems with the actual functioning then you need to call a professional in to work on the door.

When you are working with garage doors you have to think about how heavy the door is and the fact that things need to be aligned just right for all of the parts to work together. A technician works with garage door every single day and is prepared to handle anything the door can throw their way, which is why it is so much smarter to trust them for the big repairs.


Salt Lake City Garage Door Company

Yes, garage doors can be difficult to open and close. They are heavy, they are cumbersome, they contain many dozens of moving parts that must constantly be hoisted up and then back down again by ropes and pulleys and springs. Up and down, and then again. This task is especially arduous for senior citizens, who are not only likely to find this very physical task difficult and strenuous, but who may actually be in danger of being injured by the heavy appliance in the process.

Luckily, there are ways to make the garage door opening process a whole lot easier and a lot less dangerous for the elderly. Often, the problem is that the hardware hasn’t been updated since the garage door’s first installation back in the 1960s. Home’s of this era outfitted with garages frequently had the first kind of garage door: the slab kind. A slab style garage door means that the door doesn’t fold up into panels or open accordion style, it is one solid piece of material. Old fashioned slab style garage doors are harder to open than garage doors that roll up, so seniors who still have their slab style doors should consider checking out some newer models. A roll up garage door will be a much safer experience and easier for seniors to manage.

Whatever the type of garage door, slab style or roll up, it will function best if all its parts are lubricated. Lubricate your door hardware with the appropriate products (if you aren’t sure what kind to buy, look for a lubricant that is specifically labeled as for use with garage door hardware) in order to keep all the parts rolling along as they should be. While you’re at it, replace your garage door springs for smoother moves. Not only are rusty or creaky springs super noisy, they can make it a lot more likely that your door will get stuck. Replace your garage door springs if they are old. They can be dangerous when they fail, even lethal.

Screen’s the Thing

Garage Door In Salt Lake City

We are excited to talk about how the screen’s the thing! You might be wondering what in the world we are talking about, especially because we are a garage door company. Well, there is a great new idea out there to replace your regular garage door with a screen garage door.

The screen door would work in exact same way as your regular garage door but it is filled with a giant screen that will keep all the bugs out and let the air in! Most of these screen doors have an extra door built into them to make it easier for entry.

What we like about these new screen doors is that they make it better to use the garage as another room. If you use the garage as a work space it makes it so much better to have all that natural light and air coming into the garage while you work while still giving you all the privacy you want. You might think there would be no privacy with a screen door, but it is actually very hard to see into any of these doors.

Would you consider a new screen garage door? We really like the idea but aren’t sure how it actually does in a practical setting, so if you are using one we’d love to hear about it!

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