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Side hinged garage doors

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While most homes these days come with up and over garage doors, old world carriage doors and their side hinges are refusing to fade into the history books.  Perhaps a side hinged garage door is good for you?

Here are some benefits of a side hinged garage door:

1) No heavy lifting

Maybe you are just plain tired of lifting up that old garage door.  Easy to open with well-maintained side hinge garage doors swing right open with no garage door opener required.

2) You love being in your garage

When your garage is required as much by the people who live there as by the cars that park there, the benefits of side hinged doors really come into focus. Need to just run in to get a bike for your kids?  No need to lift a heavy door, just turn a knob and get what you need!  Working in the garage and need a bit of air on a hot summers day?  Side hinged garage doors are perfect for the do-it-youselfer.  And even if the weather outside is frightful, yo can still be at work in your garage with just one door propped a little way open for ventilation

3) Multiple Entrances

Do you have an oversized garage?  Maybe a side hinge door and a traditional up and over are right for you!  There are many reasons this could work well for your needs, like if you park one car in the garage and use the spare space for a wood working workshop.  With all the flexibility of side hinged garage doors, you can have the garage doors you need and have that old world charm they are famous for.

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Garage Door in Salt Lake City, Utah

If you own a smaller home without a basement or an attic, you may find yourself looking to your garage as a source of more space. Converted garages often become home offices, studies, craft rooms, or guest rooms, adding value to your home without the drama of a costly new construction project, like a backyard studio or a whole new room addition.
Fortunately, garage conversions are fairly straightforward DIY projects Garages. are often converted to create a room with a specialist function (craft room, home office, game room), but if you want your room to serve more than one purpose you’ll have to begin from a clear design concept. Dual concept garages work best with a system in place. A garage can be a summer house and a living space in warmer months, and a place to store your car in winter — both at the same time. For best results, create distinct zones for the dual functions — your car has its space on one side of the garage where a floor suitable for a vehicle can withstand any potential oil drips. The floor should also be able to transition from this use to being appropriate for a living space. Customizable floors are easier than ever now thanks to snap-in-place tiles that are durable, easy to clean, and come in a variety of colors. Try using color to suggest the distinct zones of the space if you’re designing your garage to serve more than one function.
As you think about your design concept and begin going to work, keep in mind that the space is a garage, not an addition, and plan accordingly. Your garage may not be a standard size, but its peculiarities can help give the new room a unique feel, so resist covering up that the room is not in its original form.



Panel Replacement

Salt Lake City – Panel Replacement

If you don’t have a sectional garage door then it is time to consider one. Most garage doors these days are sectional, but if you haven’t updated your door since the 80’s you might still have a door that is one solid piece. There are a lot of benefits of having a sectional garage door. Having one will actually more than likely save you a lot of money over the years.

The biggest benefit of all is that you can repair the door in panels rather than all in one giant piece. If the whole door breaks down then, yes, you will still have to replace it. But if just one part of the door is damaged or not working right we can just take that one panel out and slap in a new one and your door is good to go! This is so much cheaper than getting a whole new door.

A sectional door also helps take some of the pressure off of the springs while they are balancing the door in motion. It allows the weight to come up in pieces instead of all at once which makes it easier for the springs to handle. So, not only are repairs potentially less expensive but the rest of the garage door parts will last longer too!

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Garage Door Safety

Salt Lake City Garage Doors | Garage Door Safety

Should you be concerned with safety of your car?  How about your home?  How about garage door safety?  The answer to all of these is a resounding yes, but we’re going to go ahead and say that you should especially concern yourself with garage door safety!  Why’s that?  Because garage door safety has the potential to do some real damage to you.  Consider what’s at play here:  A massive door that operates along a fixed track, weighing a good amount and moving with such force that it could injure, trap, main, or kill anything and everything within it’s path.  While a garage door opener is relatively under powered, a garage door that isn’t carefully maintained can still do a lot of damage.

So how do you concern yourself with garage door safety?  Easy.  You take care of garage door maintenance regularly, and on top of that, it’s important that you also have your garage door tested regularly.

When we talk about garage door safety tests, we’re talking about the big three:

  1. Photoelectric eye / sensor system tests
  2. Force and reverse safety system tests
  3. Emergency release system tests

If you aren’t keeping up on these three tests, and the associated components that are involved with the systems, your garage door can quickly graduate from harmless door to ruthless killer in no time.

So. . .  Are you concerning yourself with garage door safety?



How long will my opener work?

Salt Lake City Garage Door Openers

Have you had your garage door opener for a while now? Are you starting to wonder when you will need to prepare to replace it? Luckily openers are built to last a very long time, in most cases your opener will last 10-15 years. This is, of course, with proper maintenance and care. It also depends on the level of use the door gets. If this is a garage door on your home and you use it a couple times a day then the chances are good that it will last a very long time. If, on the other hand, you have a garage door that is used for business and it is opened and closed over and over again throughout the day then you may need to do more maintenance it and replace it more often.

The best way to get the longest lifespan out of your automatic garage door opener is to keep up on repairs, if you notice anything off with your door give a professional technician a call to come out and take a look. They will be able to see if there is anything majorly wrong with the opener and then fix anything that is causing it not to work properly.

It will save you a ton of money to keep your current garage door opener working for as long as possible instead of having to replace it often because of neglect or misuse. If you think something might be wrong with the opener, give us a call and we’ll send someone right out!

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Operation last weekend

Salt Lake City Garage door business hours of operation last weekend

Every business on the planet has some sort of hours of operation.

Actually. . .  I take that back.  I was in Italy once (Florence, specifically), and restaurants just opened up whenever they say fit.  So. . .  every business in America has hours of operation, and they vary from industry to industry; from business to business; from month to month.  The reason we bring this up, of course, is because just last weekend, we had a holiday–  A very important holiday known as Independence Day; or the “Fourth of July” if you want to sound more like a commie.

I digress.  So, what does Independence Day have to do with garage door companies and hours of operation?  Well, it’s simple, really:  If you go with some other company, ask yourself this question:  Were they open?  As a followup to that, ask yourself what you would do if they weren’t, and you had a garage door emergency on your hands.  As polite as you think your garage door is (especially if you imagine it wearing a top hat and monocle), it’s not going to ask your permission to break down.  Instead, something is going to happen, and you might have a crisis on your hands.  Rather than stop the grilling on Independence Day to try and figure out what to do because your normal company is closed, you could just called Salt Lake City Garage Doors—  We’re open 24 / 7, 365 days per year, so that we are always here for you.  In fact, when people call in asking what our hours of operation are, we simply reply, “Yes.”

That’s just another way that we can ensure that we’re the best at what we do, and to help make sure that there are no interruptions to your day.

Spring Replacement

Salt Lake City Garage Door Spring Replacement

As a garage door company the most common “repair” that is requested of us is to repair the springs. This term is incorrect though, because any good garage door company will never repair a garage door spring. That would be completely irresponsible. Torsion springs are wound up very tightly with an extreme amount of force and pressure, this allows the springs to balance the door evenly when in use. But it also means that if a spring snaps and the door falls it is falling with a ton of pressure behind it.

Once a spring starts to lose that tension it can never fully have it replaced. That is why it is always better to replace the springs. We will never repair them for your safety and to save you money on another service call when the spring gives out quickly after being repaired. We would also suggest that you have both springs replaced at the same time, unless one of them has been replaced more recently. You might be wondering why that would be necessary if the other spring is working well and we’ll tell you why. Your springs are used equally when lifting and lowering the door, so if one of them has started to show signs of wearing and is losing that “spring” then the other one is probably on its way out as well. This way you can save money on the additional service charge and you will know that both springs are in great working order!

Same day garage door repair

Same day Service Garage Door Repair – Salt Lake City Garage Door

Do you have a short list by your phone of things that you should ask a garage door repair company about?  It’s entirely likely tat you don’t, and we don’t really blame you. . .  Chances are, you don’t know anything about garage door repairs, and you likely don’t have any idea what you should be asking about, so allow us to let you in on a simple secret:  Something that you should ask every company that you contact is whether or not they perform same day garage door services.

Why should I ask if they perform same day garage door repairs?

There are a few reasons why this question in particular is really important.  First off, it shows that they’re serious about doing good work.  Same day service is a premium sort of item that not everyone offers; so if they offer it (and don’t charge more, which we don’t), then it shows that they’re a quality company that stands by their work.  Second, it shows that they’re a respectful company.  If a company didn’t care about you, they wouldn’t make an effort to make it out quickly–  That takes a lot of work.  Instead, they’d give you the run around of when their schedule is looking open and what not.  If a company cares about you and how valuable your time is to you, then they’re going to make it out the same day.  Finally, the most important reason why you should ask if they offer same day garage door service, is because it means that your issue is going to get resolved right away, and isn’t that what we all want–  An opportunity to have our issues resolved quickly and efficiently?  Well, with a quality garage door company that will come out right away, you have the opportunity.  So when you’re shopping around, be sure to ask about this!

LiftMaster Elite Series 8550

Salt Lake City Garage Doors – LiftMaster Elite Series 8550

Are you in the market for a new garage door opener? I am going to guess the answer to that is yes if you’ve found this blog! We want to show you the different options available to you because not all garage door openers are exactly the same. Today we will be discussing the LiftMaster Elite Series 8550.

LiftMaster is known for being one of the best garage door manufacturers around and their products all speak to that. They will last you a long time and they will work well for decades to come if treated right.

This opener allows for complete connectivity. You can have alerts sent to you so you know exactly what the status of your garage door is at all times, which brings an added level of security. This opener has battery backup so you never have to worry about being able to open the door in case of a power outage and it offers great warranties to make sure you get your money’s worth. It also has security +2.0 which means that every single time you click your opener a new code is created and sent to the door so that it is a new code every single time so you never have to worry about someone finding out your code and breaking in.

This opener is a great choice and offers a lot of great features. If you are interested in installing it please give us a call and we’ll go over the logistic with you.

DIY Garage Door Repair tips

Salt Lake City Garage Door Repair | Salt Lake City, Utah

DIY garage door repair is something that a lot of homeowners would like to do, because it has the potential to save them a fair amount of money on garage door repair and maintenance costs–  Makes sense; similar to the car owner that wants to save money by replacing their engine’s oil.  Replacing the oil in your car is not very dangerous, though, while a garage door repair is.  So, let’s talk a little bit about how to safely perform DIY garage door repairs; we’re going to start by talking about some of the dangerous regarding doing them.

DIY Garage Door Repair Dangers

There is a lot of danger surrounding working on a garage door.  The sorts of things that could potentially happen to you run the gamut–  You’re contending with being crushed by your garage door if you’re working directly on the door itself.  You’re dealing with the potential for dismemberment (or even death) when working with the springs; they hold so much pent up energy that one wrong move will release all of that onto you. . .  A lot of times, your head is near the springs while working on them, so you can kind of see where that one is going.  You also have other issues too, like electrocution when working with the garage door opener (or keypad, or open indicator monitors, or other electronic components), and other things.  This is just a brief summary–  There’s a lot more.  We don’t want to go too crazy. . .  So, with all of that danger talk out of the way:

DIY Garage Door Repair Tips

We’ve come up with a simple, three step solution to keep yourself safe while you perform DIY garage door repairs:

  1. Determine that something is wrong with your garage door.
  2. Call a qualified garage door company.
  3. Relax

That’s pretty easy, huh?

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