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SLC Garage Doors Operating Hours

Salt Lake City Garage Doors | Salt Lake City, Utah

We don’t have a traditional brick and mortar business for you to walk into when you need help–  Because of that, most people actually don’t know our hours, because there is no window sticker pointing out when we’re open.

Are you ready for our hours?  We’re open all day Monday.

. . .  We’re also open all day Tuesday.

And Wednesday.  And Thursday.  Also Friday.  Still open all day Saturday.  And we don’t rest on Sunday either.

Garage Door 24 Hrs

That’s right.  Salt Lake City Garage Doors never closes, so we are always here for your garage door needs!  Whether you need springs replaced in the middle of the night, or a remote reprogrammed in the morning, we can be there for you in a jiffy!

24 hrs garage doors

Insulate your Garage!

Salt Lake City Garage Doors | Salt Lake City, Utah

Most people don’t think to insulate their garage.  They usually figure that their car doesn’t mind the cold, and thus, they don’t need to worry about it.

But think about it.  Your garage is an extension of your home, and if you have an insulated garage and garage door, that means the temperature in your garage doesn’t fluctuate.  That can have a lot of important implications when it comes to the temperature in your home.  For instance, that means you don’t have to worry about opening the door to your garage.  It can also have a sort of carry over effect that could save you money on heating and cooling expenses.

Ready for Christmas

Garage Doors Salt Lake City, Utah

With Christmas right around the corner your garage door is probably the last thing on your mind. But it should be one of the first things you are thinking about. When you have all of your family coming over for Christmas dinner don’t you want them to think your home looks great? One of the biggest factors in the outside of your home looking stellar is your garage door. An old garage door can make your whole home look old and run down, that is why it is so important to have a great looking garage door. It is also important the garage door works well so that you can fit as many cars in the garage and driveway as possible! If you need help making your garage door look or run great give us a call!


Keep your house warm in winter

Salt Lake City Garage Doors | Salt Lake City, Utah

Winter is rolling in. One of the biggest expenses in winter is your electric bill to keep your house warm. One of the best ways to keep the heat in your home is to make sure your garage door is properly insulated and that you keep it closed at all times unless you are moving your car in or out.

You would be surprised at how much heat can escape from you home through a garage that is either not insulated or open. This can cost you a lot of unnecessary money. If you need to have your garage door insulated call Salt Lake City Garage Doors today! We can come out same day; even in a snow storm.

Emergency Garage Door Repair

Salt Lake City Garage Door Repair Emergency

“Do you really have someone that answers the phone in the middle of the night?”  We get this question a lot, as people seem a bit incredulous that we would actually pay someone to be by the phone around the clock.

You would be surprised by how many people actually need emergency garage door repairs though–  You don’t think about it since you’re not typically operating your garage door at night, but a lot can go wrong in the dead of night.  Attempted break ins, weakened springs from frigid nighttime temperatures, and a laundry list of other issues that your garage door faces uniquely at night.

This is why it’s important to pick a garage door repair company that will be able to come and help you no matter what time of day it is, or what the issue is.

Paint the garage door to save money

Salt Lake City Garage Doors | Salt Lake City, Utah

If your garage door has started to wear down or is showing signs of rust, you may be able to save yourself the trouble and cost of replacing the entire garage door by simply painting it. A new coat of paint can make the door look brand new and it will also help keep the door from rusting in the future. Painting the door is an easy process that can be done in the matter of a day. You just need to make sure you sand it down first, use a primer, and then make sure to use a silicone based paint that is made for garage doors.

Garage Door Springs

Salt Lake City Garage Door Springs

If you have a broken garage door spring  you have a decision to grapple with – should I replace just the broken spring, or should i replace both springs?

Why you should replace both at the same time

The smart answer is to replace both. Unfortunately, consumers don’t understand the need to replace the spring that isn’t broken, and they believe they are being “oversold” or hoodwinked by the technician.

Not so. Replacing both tension springs makes perfect sense. First of all, the unbroken spring is bound to be on its last leg because springs are engineered to last a finite number of open-and-close cycles for your garage door. When one spring snaps, it’s a sure sign that the other is about to blow. The average garage door spring lasts about 3 years, but technicians can install longer-lasting springs that cost a few dollars more and provide peace of mind for many years to come.

Another excellent reason to replace both your tension springs at the same time is to save money. Most reputable garage door service companies offer a nice discount for the second spring.

Finally, look at this way: when your shoelace breaks, do you replace just the broken lace, or both?

It’s possible that you have only one spring as a counter-balance to the tremendous weight of your garage door. If so, it’s a tightly-wound torsion spring mounted above the door in the center of your garage. These are the most dangerous types of springs because they store so much energy. Be sure to consult a professional.


garage doors

Garage Door Repair Logic

Salt Lake City Garage Doors | Garage Door Repair

That’s a weird title, but we’re going to explain, briefly, the logic behind going with SLC Garage Doors for your garage door repairs.  Think about it–  What would you rather be doing with your time this summer?  Googling tutorials on how to fix your garage door springs, attempting to replace your garage door springs without fatally harming yourself, and then possibly having to call us when you have trouble?  Or would you rather just call Salt Lake City Garage Doors for all of your garage door repairs from the get go, and enjoy the heat!?  We think the choice is clear–  We would rather have someone else repair our garage door than do it, but we have no problem repairing yours!  Call us today and enjoy the summer!

Summer Maintenance Tips for Garage Doors

Salt lake City Garage Door Maintenance

The life span of a garage door is usually around 15-20 years, but you can’t expect your door to last that long without regular maintenance to maximize its dependability. Since summer is fast approaching in several parts of the world, here are a few tips even a novice can keep up with:

  1. Check for signs of wear and tear. Look out for misaligned tracks and sensors, bent railings and rusty gears. Replace or tighten bolts here and there and make sure your door opens smoothly.
  2. Keep it Rust-free. If you witness paint chipping off your steel door, that means moisture is seeping in your door. Sand the rust, coat with zinc-rich primer and top it off with latex paint for outdoors.
  3. Beat the Heat. Insulation isn’t just handy with keeping the garage warm during winter; it also keeps your garage at a comfortable temperature for people to stay in.

Safety reminder: Areas under great tension such as cables, springs and bottom brackets should only be repaired by professionals.


Salt Lake City Garage Door Openers

If you have trouble opening the door with your remote from the car, try operating your garage door using the wall outlet. If it works fine when the wall outlet is used, your remote may need battery replacement or repair.

Salt Lake City Garage Doors

Salt Lake City Garage Doors Satisfaction Guarantee

Salt Lake City Garage Doors guarantees that you will be satisfied with your garage door repairs, by offering our unbeatable satisfaction guarantee!

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