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When it happened to Angel in 2014, they thought that it could never happen again. The Caledonia family assumed it was a fluke, a freak accident that saw their beloved family pet caught beneath the concrete driveway and the automatic garage door, an accident which ultimately crushed the cat to death. “Just a bad thing that happened and we didn’t expect it would happen again,” Carol Caledonia told local reporters at the time. In their town of 350 residents, even a cat’s untimely death could make headlines. Angel’s death fueled the local news cycle for weeks, as think pieces on the safety of garage doors.

Now the Caledonias are making headlines again, because yet another family cat has succumbed to the garage door of their home, meeting its death because the garage door sensors failed to sense the cat slinking low along the ground. “You don’t think about it. You push a button and you don’t expect that pushing a button is going to kill your cat,” Carol Caledonia said. Strange though it may seem, the incidents have been traumatic for the family, whose members can’t help but blame themselves for what happened first to Angel and then to Piper, the most recent victim of their automatic garage door. This time around, the family has decided to sharing their story, in the hopes that sharing what happened to them can prevent another family from experiencing a similar loss. After taking pains to educate themselves at the local garage door manufacturer and retailer, the Caledonias say that some real and simple changes could protect your pets.

An expert told the family that the problem was the height of their garage door sensors. Sensors detect motion or obstructions in the path of the garage door, which signal it to stop closing or to reverse its course, preventing injury. These sensors work best when set at 8 inches or lower. The Caledonia’s garage door was likely set too high, and so they weren’t able to save Piper.

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Thanks to the internet, unwanted intruders are getting more and more sophisticated on how they can access your home. As demonstrated in the video “Key Printer Trick”, it is now very doable to easily make a copy of your hidden house key without you even noticing. They could wait for the perfect time to enter your home using a key replica made using a coin, printer, a can lid, and a sharp scissors. without showing any evidence of force entry. To me this is a disturbing thought. It bothers me that videos like these are circulating throughout the internet for anyone to see. Now i know what you’re thinking. Why am i sharing this printer key trick? I am sharing it to all who takes the time to read my article, so that you can better protect yourself, your home, and your family from trick hacks like these available on the internet. To fight a crime, you have to know what you’re up against.

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One of the ways you can protect your home is installing a Bluetooth receiver to your existing garage door opener and download a compatible app like the GarageMate. It controls the opening and closing of the garage door, using your smartphone. The app also enables multiple smartphones to have access to the garage opener, so it’s okay if you have a large family! You can purchase this receiver from your local stores. Don’t worry, this pretty cost effective, because you do not have to replace your motor to do this. Currently, you may purchase this receiver for around $50. One of the best features with this is that you no longer have to carry around a garage door remote risking of misplacing it, or hide a spare key somewhere outside your home risking of someone finding it. You can now open or close your garage from anywhere using only your smartphone. You no longer have to be home to let in your guest or workers to your home, or share your keypad pin code. The app keeps record of all the users that opens and closes the garage door. It also keeps track of all the times it was used.

As Robert Kennedy one said,
“I think there is an obligation on the part of all of us to stay informed and aware.”



How To Winterize Your Garage

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When the coldest months approach, there a few things that should be done to make sure your garage door is ready for winter!

Check the weather stripping at the bottom of your door. If it appears to be cracked it needs to be replaced to keep the cold air, wind and rain from coming in. The garage door weather-stripping creates a seal between the garage door and the opening. If a garage gets to cold the equipment you store in there may freeze and break. Also, paint or car fuels can freeze and decompose. Empty the liquids from the lawnmower and other motorized lawn care tools to avoid potential freezing.


It is recommended to clean your garage door both on the inside and outside. Washing your door with mild household detergent can actually increase the door’s lifespan by protecting it from damaging build-up. Use a cloth to remove any rust or dirt from your door.

Check all moving parts of the door to make sure none is broken. It is also important that you keep all moving parts well lubricated, especially during the cold winter months. Use a non-silicone based garage door lubricant to spray springs, rollers, and hinges.


Garage door remote control batteries are more prone to failure during cold winter months. Don’t get left out in the cold, always check and replace batteries as needed! Keep a spare battery on hand at all times.

Trim nearby trees that could be a threat to your roof. If large dead branches or heavy twigs fall down from a winter’s storm that can cause a lot of damage to your garage roof and your entire home.


Follow these winter tips, and after months of snow, wind and frigid temperatures your garage door will still be working like a charm. A well-insulated garage will provide you with a warm workspace all year round!

Maintenance Tips For Garage Doors

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When it’s cold and snowing outside, coming home to a broken garage door is not the best situation to be in. Don’t get left out in the cold! Follow these simple safety tips to keep your garage door functioning in top condition.

A garage door is a very large, heavy moving appliance. It is recommended that you have annual maintenance performed on your door. This can help prevent more expensive problems from happening later on. Below are some basic maintenance tips that will help prolong the lifespan of your garage door.

At least monthly, you should inspect all of the components of your garage door system. If everything looks up to par, you can put a small amount of a general lube into the moving parts. This will keep your door working wonderfully for a long time to come. If something seems broken or off track, you need to have a professional repair company take a look as soon as possible to address the matter before it gets any worse.

Don’t forget to clean your door! Use a soft cloth to wipe down the door. You can mix detergent and water to clean off debris from your door. Make sure you rinse the door thoroughly. Once the door is clean you can apply car wax to help protect it from acid rain, rust and the sun. It also gives the door a nice, sleek finish.

Check the weather stripping at the bottom of your garage door. Is it cracked? Replace it! If there are cracks in the seal, snow and cold drafts can come into your garage. Having a well-sealed garage door can help to keep you and your garage warm in cold temperatures!

Keeps these maintenance tips in mind so you can get your garage door ready for winter while helping to keep it functioning longer!


Most Common Repair

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By far the most common repair we get calls for is spring repair. However, we can’t actually repair springs and even if we could we never would. If your garage door springs are having problems it is always best to replace them. The torsion springs carry so much tension in them that if they snap the whole door can instantly fall with a ton of force. This is why you should just replace the springs and make sure that you are our of harms way. We also recommend replacing both springs if one goes out because with the same amount of age and use the other one is probably on its way out too.

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Garage Screens

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Have you seen the viral video going around of the newest garage door invention, garage screens. We think they are a really cool idea actually.

So, basically it is a second sort of garage door that is installed separately from the normal door and is used completely independently from the regular garage door. The screen door works exactly like a screen door for any other door you might have it is just much larger. But it is neat because you can open the garage and pull the screen down and not have to worry about any bugs or unwanted visitors getting in or your animals or kids getting out. It is nice to have the option to have a nice cool breeze coming in while you are working in the space or using it for any other purpose.

If you happen to use your garage as a man cave it is going to be awesome to throw your sports parties in the space now with all the nice air flow you will get. The other awesome part of it is that it has a smaller regular sized door built into it so you don’t have to open and close the entire screen every time you want to go in or out!


Question of the week – Answer

Question of the week: Why is it so important for a professional garage door company to do garage door repairs?

If you are someone who likes to do-it-yourself then you might think it isn’t a big deal to do your garage door repairs on your own. And, in some cases you might be able to repair some of the smaller things without any problem. However, if you need to repair or replace your garage door springs, opener, or any of the bigger parts that actually move the door then you most definitely need the assistance of a garage door company like Salt Lake City Garage Doors.

Garage doors are very heavy pieces of equipment that can be very dangerous if not handled properly. The springs on a garage door carry a lot of tension and if they snap it can cause the entire door to fall suddenly, regardless of who or what is underneath. That is why it is always the smartest course of action to call in Salt Lake City Garage Doors for all garage door repairs big or small. We will be able to assess what actually needs to be fixed or on the door and get repaired to work right away. This will save you any potential risk as well as the time and effort of trying to do the repairs yourself. Don’t put your safety at risk; call Salt Lake City Garage Doors!

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A spat between a couple in Safford, Arizona was the subject of a story in the Eastern Arizona Courier this week, after the local sheriff’s department responded to a distress call from the victim, unnamed in the article. The couple had been having problems for weeks — arguing over petty things, as well as larger issues like money and fidelity — before Joseph Porto, age 29, decided to drive his car into his girlfriend’s garage door.


By the time police arrived on the scene the garage door was dented, and inoperable, the newspaper reported. Porto had fled, but was easily reached by telephone. He denied having been drunk when he got behind the wheel of his used Dodge Caravan (it was parked in the driveway of the victim) and accelerated, plowing into the garage door, nearly bending it in half. He admitted that he was angry — the victim reportedly left his motorcycle outside in a hailstorm recently, a careless oversight that seemed to communicate that she didn’t understand what was really important to him, didn’t understand him full stop — and that his anger had affected his ability to drive. His hands shook as he entered her home through the garage, frightening her as he ripped a clock and several framed photos from the walls. He left when she threatened to call the police. The garage door was struck as he attempted to drive away. He had pressed down on both the gas and the brake, Porto would later claim.


While police inspected the garage door’s damage, they noticed that the smell of marijuana lingered in the air. The victim appeared intoxicated and refused to press charges. She says Porto believed she was cheating on him. Beyond the garage door’s giant dent, the victim’s car was also damaged by Porto’s reckless driving.

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All your doors frozen?

Salt Lake City Garage Doors | All your doors frozen?

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Ohhhh the fun part of living someone that gets as cold as SLC. There are times when you go outside in the morning and your car doors are frozen shut. We’ve seen this happen multiple times. In some extreme cases some people’s garage doors have gotten frozen shut. While this can be a really extreme circumstance it can happen. So, we have some suggestions to try and help keep you out of this situation.

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Garage Door in Salt Lake City – Green Garage Doors

There are many things to consider when shopping for a new garage door: What will the new door cost me? Will my garage door opener support its weight? Should I get a fiberglass garage door, or a cheaper aluminum one? Does it reflect my personal style? Perhaps a more important thing to consider is whether your garage door reflects your personal commitment to environmental issues caused by global warming. Luckily, garage door manufacturers have caught on to the need for more eco-friendly garage doors. In response to the swelling green tide of increased concern for the ailing environment, garage door companies have made a real effort to manufacture green doors for all garage owning tree huggers.

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