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What is an open indication monitor?

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It is a device that installs as part of your garage door system and monitors the position of your garage door– It basically reads whether or not your garage door is open or shut. Sounds pretty straightforward, because it is. It doesn’t do much more than that, except for one key feature: While monitoring whether or not your garage door is open or shut, it also alerts you when the garage door has been left, which is really nifty.

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Want an open indication monitor?

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Do you want to install an open indication monitor on your garage door? Do you know what it is? Chances are, if you answered no to the first question, it’s because you have no idea what it is we’re talking about– And that’s why we’ve decided that this highly informative post is for you this week; you should know all about open indication monitors, because we feel that they’re a necessity when it comes to your garage door system.

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Garage Door Safety!

Salt Lake City Garage Door Safety

How do you know if your garage door is safe? Do you know if it’s safe right now? How do you know that your garage door is not plotting some sort of murderous rampage that begins with your pets, then moves on to your children, until finally, it has it’s eyes set on you. Why would it stop there? With your neighborhood immediately in front of it, and the world after it, we’re talking about a serious issue here.

Okay, so we’re joking a bit, but really, garage door safety is something that is very important, yet no one seems to understand how important it really is, or how simple it is to keep up on it; allow us to shed some light on this for you. In order to ensure that your garage door is safe, there are three simple tests that need to be performed regularly by a qualified garage door company:

Force and reverse tests. These are the most important style of safety tests, because it tests the built in safety system that stops your garage door from truly being a killer. Built in to each system is a simple feature where the garage door will stop, and / or reverse course when it hits something. Left untested, this feature could no longer work.
Photoelectric eye tests. These eyes are what tell the garage door that there’s nothing in it’s path when closing; left untested, the eyes could be faulty, leading to the garage door closing on someone, or some thing.
Emergency release tests. The emergency release is a simple feature built into every garage door to make sure that you can operate your garage door manually in the event of an emergency / power outage. If left untested, you may trapped in the event of an emergency.
Now that you know a little bit about all of this, ask yourself whether or not you feel safe around your garage door.


We’re Ready to Help

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Here at Salt Lake City Garage Doors we always make it a point to offer the same service to you that we would offer our own family and friends. That means being available to help for an emergency any time you need it. If your garage door breaks or starts to seem off we will get there as quickly as we can to make sure that your garage door is back up and running in no time. Most people don’t really think of their garage door as being that important to their safety while in their home, but it is the biggest entryway into your home. A broken or open garage door makes the likelihood of someone breaking in much higher. And with us considering you family we would never be okay with putting you at risk by not taking care of your garage door issue right away.

Salt Lake City Garage Doors is at the ready for anything when it comes to your garage door. No matter what the issue is we can help. Major temperature shifts have more of an effect than you might realize on how well your garage door works, so if you haven’t had your door looked at since winter then it is definitely time! Why not have someone out this week before the family fun this Holiday weekend?

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They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. That was made evident this month when a soccer mom from Robertsville, Ohio, attempted to frame her husband for ramming her garage door. It was true that the man had wronged the woman in the past, but now the tables have turned. Now this soccer mom has found herself in hot water — she spent a night in jail after police got wise to her framing ways.

Police records aren’t clear about how the cops found her out. Presumably, they were able to match paint marks on the dented garage door with paint on the woman’s SUV, after which the pieces of the puzzle likely fell into place. Or perhaps it was her children who ratted her out? Jail records said she rammed her 2004 Ford Expedition into her own garage door while her two children were with her in the vehicle. Once the damage was done (to both the door and her kids’ psyches) the woman filed a false report in which she accused her husband of causing the damage to the garage door.

Police say the 31-year-old woman was trying to get her husband arrested. If he had in fact rammed the door, he could have been nabbed for violating a protection order, county Jail

records indicated. Her husband had been arrested once before, in November, for a variety of misdemeanor charges, but he was released from police custody after posting the $10,000 bond — money he’d won in online poker tournaments, from which he’s made a living since 2007. Unfortunately for him, his poker face couldn’t save him from being slapped with a temporary protection order, issued in November. He had been ordered to have no contact with the victim-turned-frame artist until his court hearing in December

As for his soon to be ex-wife? She was released from jail a short time after driving into her own house. She posted the $1,000 bond, jail records said.

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A real life crime mystery several weeks in the making was finally solved this week when Fitchburg, Wisconsin, police succeeded in apprehending a band of brothers responsible for multiple burglaries and numerous thefts in Fitchburg and Madison, Wisconsin, as well as other property crimes that may have occurred in surrounding communities. Detectives are still processing the stolen property recovered from the trio of outlaw brothers, including electronics, jewelry, gift cards, assorted personal items, and numerous remote controls for garage doors police said.

It was the garage door remote controls that were most crucial in cracking the case, police presumably said. With the stolen garage door remotes, the brothers — 25-year-old Jesse V. Farber, 30-year-old Gavin C. Farber and 28-year-old Dylan J. Farber — could enter homes undetected, without forced entry, and take as much as they could get their hands on. The garage door remotes can also be used to open more than one garage. With luck, and equipped with their bevy of garage door remotes, the brothers could make a killing. They are suspects in numerous thefts from vehicles and several residential burglaries in Fitchburg and Madison, and they are also being investigated for the property crimes that they may have committed in nearby communities.

Police from Fitchburg and Madison asked any citizens who may have been victims of thefts from their vehicles, garages or residences to report those incidents to their local law enforcement agency. Fitchburg detectives are working with neighboring agencies to identify property stolen from other communities.

At the time of their arrest on Wednesday, the brothers told police they are homeless and living out of their vehicles, police said. It is rumored that the brothers occasionally used the stolen garage door remotes to open a garage while the homeowners were away, park their car inside, and catch some uninterrupted Zzzzs safely hidden inside a garage they had gained access to illegally.


Garage Door Services

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If common sense and experience are any kind of guide, then there are a few things about garage door repair and installation that we can generally accept as rules of thumb. Things like: Get your repair or installation bid in writing. If possible, watch the repairs while they’re being performed. Never pay cash, never pay in full or before the job has been completed. And there are still more things to be wary of when dealing with an unfamiliar garage door technician or repair company: Be wary if the company doesn’t have a physical address in the place where you live. And any high pressure sales tactics should be an instant red flag.

At Garage Door Services — recently named “the worst garage door company in the nation” in a report in Door + Access Systems, a garage door industry trade magazine — repair techs recruited from Craigslist are encouraged to run up bills as much as they can. In both the training and in weekly motivational meetings, employees were told that a $1,000 bill on each job should be the goal, even though a new garage door can cost less. Garage Door Services repair techs earn commissions of up to 20% per job.

The company’s various duplicitous practices caught the attention of Dallas watchdog Dave Lieber, who pens a column for the Dallas Morning News. Garage Door Services is based in nearby Carrollton, Texas, although the company is infamous nationwide for exaggerating repair costs and selling customers garage door parts they don’t need at prices that are padded.

How did the company get away with it for so long? Garage Door Services has put its multimillion-dollar annual advertising budget to nefarious and frequent use. Most of it is spent on internet advertising that is intentionally misleading, confusing, obtuse, obfuscating, or just plain false.

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Broken Garage Door Springs

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Garage doors are heavy and garage doors are frequently used. Therefore, it is not uncommon for the springs to wear and break. While any garage door repair should be left up to professionals, many garage door owners choose to replace the garage door springs themselves to save money. If you should choose to replace your garage door springs on your own there are a couple of things you should remember to make the repair go smoothly.

Safety should always come first when you are working on your garage door. Make sure to power off the garage door opener and unplug it from the power source. You don’t want the door to open or close as you are working on it because this could be very dangerous. Disconnect your garage door opener from the door. Doing this will again insure that the garage door won’t accidentally open or close as you are working on it.

Make sure that you get the right size springs for your garage door. Purchasing the right size springs is important because if they are too small they won’t hold the door, but if they are too large they will add too much tension to the door. To choose the right size spring for your door you will need to know the weight of your door.

Garage door springs are under extreme tension. As you are working with them, you want to keep the garage door open so they are not extended. As you are working with the springs, you also want to wear eye protection. This will keep your eyes safe from injury during the repair.
Finally, if at any point during the repair you don’t feel comfortable, make sure to call your garage door repair company. They can quickly and easily repair your garage door springs and have your door working like new.

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Garage Door Safety For The Whole family

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There are many safety procedures to consider when you are checking to see if your garage door is operating properly. Garage doors are heavy pieces of machinery that can do a lot of damage if they aren’t working correctly. Its good to know different steps you can take to ensure that your garage door is not a potential health and safety hazard. Here are some easy tips to test out in your home.

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Firstly, all parents should acknowledge that children need to stay away from all garage door operators—remotes, or wall buttons. Also in the interest of child safety, you can easily test the sensors of your garage door by placing a broom, roll of paper towels, or any other obstructive item on the ground in its path, and ensuring that the garage door stops and reverses motion when it contacts the item. Sensors can become off-balanced, causing inaccuracies in the garage door safety program, and disabling the sensors, so this is a must for families with kids. Many children have suffered varying degrees of serious injury due to rogue garage doors with faulty sensors. Don’t be included in these unfortunate and scary statistics! Keep your garage door in check to avoid regrets.


Garage doors are convenient alternate entrances to the house. Most everyone uses his or her garage door daily, but never stop to think about how much goes into making that garage door work. A simple visual inspection of your garage door innards is the best first defense against a serious potential problem. If a cable looks loose, or the paneling looks uneven on the landing, it’s best to hire a garage door technician to assess the situation right away. Simply giving your garage a visual once-over could be the difference between a small fix and a serious repair.

How To Show Your Garage Door Some Love

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Think of your garage as a large, moveable part. Like all parts, it must be consistently maintained in order for it to function properly. There are a handful of quick and easy steps you can take to help prevent costly repairs. We recommend that you perform these maintenance tasks as needed, but at least every three months.

Lubricate You Door

A noisy garage door can be irritating, but if you follow these helpful tips, cringing at your squeaky door will be a thing of the past. First of all, do not use WD 40 to lubricate any part of your garage door. Instead, use a lithium or silicone spray. Use the lithium or silicone spray to lubricate the top part of the chain rail, the stems, arm bar, hinges, nubs, lock, and metal rollers with ball bearings. However, never spray any lubricant to the bottom part of the door’s chain rail, the chain, the garage door track, or the spring.

Clean the Track

As mentioned in the previous step, you should not lubricate your garage door track. It may seem like the natural solution to a squeaking door or to a door that sticks, but lubricating the track can cause a build up of matter that can actually obstruct the functioning of your garage door.

Okay, so you can’t lubricate your track. What can you do? You can clean your garage door track properly! To properly clean your track, simply wipe the inside of the track with a damp cloth. Then wipe it again with a dry cloth. If, after wiping the track down, there is still a buildup of residue, you may use WD 40 lubricant. Then go over the track once again with a wet cloth followed by a dry cloth.

Install Weather Seals

Make sure to install weather seals to the bottom part of your garage door, in between the door panels, and on the frame of the door. Not only will sealing help prevent moisture inside the garage; it will also cut down your energy bill! Who doesn’t want that???

Realign the Sensors

It is very common for sensors to be moved from their proper position. A light will generally blink as an indicator whenever your sensors are not aligned correctly. When you see this light, gently push the sensors back into their proper position. When the blinking light changes to a solid light, you know that you have properly readjusted your sensor.

Reset the Garage Door Opener

You know you’re having an issue with your garage door opener when either you’re your garage door stops before it actually connects with the bottom part or if the door begins to close but then stops and reopens. To fix these issues, you need to reset your garage door opener. Each garage door system will have it’s own specific instructions to resets the door opener. However, there are a few common steps to reset any garage door opener. First, unplug the garage door opener. Wait about ten seconds and then plug it back in and turn the power on. Next, press the arrow down button until the garage door closes all the way. Then hit the reset button on the garage door opener.

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