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Repainting Your Garage Door

Salt Lake City Garage Door Repainting

Who would want their garage door to look like a garage door from a horror film? Nobody of course. So when your garage door’s paint starts to fade and look old, then it’s time to repaint it.

Cover the floor with newspapers or cloth to avoid getting paint on it. You can also tape the walls near your garage door.
Remove old paint, grit and stubborn dirt with a good sandpaper. Wash your garage door with soap and water to remove remaining dirt, dust and paint residuals. Finally allow your garage door to totally dry.
Apply first the primer which is oil based and allow it to dry for at least 24 hours.
Next, apply the exterior paint that should be acrylic and then apply the first coat of paint. Allow the paint to totally dry before applying the second coat of paint.
Tip: you can use rollers for wide areas on your garage door and brush for some details on your garage door.

Repainting Your Garage Door


Salt Lake City Garage Doors

There is a rise now on garage break-ins and it is pretty alarming because many of the robbers are desperate to break-in or invade your garage. You will be amazed because even though you just leave the house for a short while like going for groceries, they already stole a lot of things.. One important tip or suggestion to keep your garage from robbers is placing a CCTV camera or what is known to us as “hidden” camera. It is very common that many establishments are using now. Another suggestion in order to improve your overall security will be the use of alarms. It will be nice to place not only at the garage door alone but also to the places inside the garage where you think robbers probably will go. Those are just simple tips and those helpful advice and suggestion will surely protect your family and home.


Drive garage door opener

Salt Lake City Garage Doors

This style of garage door opener offers a wide variety of benefits– To name a few, screw drive openers are much more reliable than other styles because of how efficient the screw drive system is. On top of that, they tend to operate much more smoothly, and quickly than the other styles of openers. So this means that it will save you a boatload of money in the long haul, because of less money spent on repairing busted garage door opener parts.

drive salt lake city

Advantages of a screw drive garage door

Salt Lake City Garage Doors Openers

There are four major types of garage door openers that you have to pick from, but for someone who doesn’t know a whole lot about openers (which is the vast majority of homeowners out there), it can be tough trying to figure out which one to pick and why. Everyone is familiar, on some level, with the chain driven opener, since it’s the most basic, economical, and common style of opener.

Not everyone is familiar with the style of opener that we think is the best, though. . . And that’s the screw drive garage door opener. This style of opener is what we view as the best of the best; and for those looking for the best, this is what they want. So let’s explore this a bit!


You or the door

Salt Lake City Garage Doors – Blog

Have you started hearing strange things when you open and close your garage door? Does is move oddly? Do these things only happen sometimes and then you feel crazy because when you try to show someone the door works and sounds completely normal? Well, lucky for you even if everyone else thinks you’ve lost your marbles because you are convinced something is wrong with the garage door even though they don’t understand here at Salt Lake City Garage Doors we believe you!

The thing about issues with your garage door is that it is never silly to have someone come out and check up on it if you think something might be wrong. Your garage door has over 20 parts that have to work in conjunction to lift and lower the door evenly and properly. So, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly where the problem is originating. The springs on the garage door are wound up with an extreme amount of force and the door itself is very heavy. So…if something does go wrong and the door falls it can be a huge disaster.

If you call us to come check your door we will never think you are crazy or claim you are having garage door ghost issues, we will take it very seriously and make sure that your door is working 100%.


Garage Door Safety Lapse

Salt Lake City Garage Door

There are a lot of shows on TV that capitalize on the idea that a lot of horrible things can go wrong– These sorts of shows are very popular, too. Did you know that there’s a show of sorts that could be going on in your garage right now with the very same premise. If you don’t keep up on regular garage door safety tests, you could easily find yourself vulnerable to a host of issues. Curious what they are? Well, let’s take the three common tests, and see what could happen if you don’t keep up on them:

Let’s say you’re not keeping up on the photoelectric eye tests. That means that your garage door will operate even if something is in it’s way, whether it’s your pets, your kids, or something that you keep in the garage. Not a fun time.
Let’s say you’re not keeping up on the emergency release tests. This means that you could potentially be trapped in your garage in the event of an emergency where you lose power, as you won’t be able to operate your garage door manually now.
Let’s say you’re not keeping up on the force and reverse tests. That means that, if your garage door comes into contact with something while operating, rather than stop and reverse course, it’s going to keep going. This can have some serious issues when it comes to whatever was hit, or the garage door opener, which is now working overtime trying to close when it can’t.
The easiest solution to avoid these situations: Keep up on safety checks!

safety lapse


Salt Lake City Garage Door Maintenance

For many on-the-go homeowners, the garage door is the primary entrance to the home, used much more frequently than even the front door. In a month, all the coming and going means your garage door will most likely open and close hundreds of times. That’s a lot of potential wear and tear for such an important element of your daily routine! A garage door that’s out of commission could put a hitch in your busy schedule. That’s why annual garage door maintenance is essential for finding problems before they get too serious.
Usually, your home’s garage door is the largest mechanized object in your house. A garage door has many moving parts, any of which could malfunction at any time. Ignoring the need for regular inspection and maintenance could have head-ache inducing consequences. Annual garage door maintenance is the same as car maintenance: with regular care and attention, the functional life of your garage door can be greatly extended. But once the door, door opener, or one of its components breaks or malfunctions, it’s usually an indication that other parts of your garage door are already damaged or worn.

Some homeowners think that eye-balling the door is enough to detect whether anything is wrong, but a true inspection of the garage door should be left to professionals. A trained garage door technician knows to look for components, big and small, and issues that a homeowner wouldn’t think to look for. An experienced garage door technician can also help to identify extensive wear and tear, or any parts or components that require repair or replacement.
Most garage door manufacturers recommend an annual garage door inspection by a qualified technician. Even if you think your garage door is working just fine, regular inspections and maintenance is the best way to prolong the life of the machinery. You’ll also save yourself money that you’d otherwise spend on replacement parts or major repairs.


Home for Extreme Weather

Salt Lake City Garage Door Extreme Weather

If you live in an area that can experience severe weather, such as hurricanes and blizzards, your garage door should be rated to be rates impact-resistant, but hurricane-proof is the best level of protection for your home. Just one inch of water or ice can result in thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Without that level of protection, which is likely to happen during a storm, your home and garage door will face at least this amount of damage.

Living in extreme weather areas, it is important to purchase and install either a hurricane-proof or impact-resistant a garage door. Impact-resistant doors are built to withstand strong forces being hurled against them directly, while hurricane-proof garage doors are specially built with a framework that is twist-resistant. For additional safety, a bracing kit designed especially for garage doors can add an extra layer of protection to protect your home, garage and your possessions. No matter what kind of door you have, this is the most important step you should take to help ensure that your garage door can take an additional pounding that Mother Nature often delivers with little or no warning.

In some areas (especially hurricane prone ones), a garage door must be able to withstand high winds, sometimes up to 130 miles per hour or more. Some cities or counties even mandate this level of protection for your garage door. Check with your local government to find out if these rules apply to your home.

Even if you live in an area that the threat of hurricanes or blizzards are only things you read or hear about on the news, nearly every community in America will likely see occasional severe thunderstorms. These storms are sometimes enough to cause wind damage, it is important to always make sure that your garage door has some level of wind resistance . Keep these tips in mind when you’re buying any new garage door.

Extreme Weather

Garage Door Match Your Home’s Style

Salt Lake City Garage Doors Style

As an architectural feature, the garage door is sometimes overlooked by homeowners, even though it can sometimes account for up to a third of the home’s facade. But although what lurks behind the garage door may not be pretty, there’s no reason the garage door shouldn’t have a little character. Or a lot. Just as the shutters, paint, front door, and landscaping all suit the style of the house, so too should the garage door be included in the home’s unified aesthetic. Once you start to shop around, you’ll notice that there are a variety of garage door styles available at typical home improvement and repair retailers.

One of the most popular garage door styles is the Raised Panel. This is the most recognizable style, almost a garage door standard bearer, the kind of door most people think of when they picture a garage. The popularity of this style means it’s easy to find in stores and that it will be available in all materials, with all the standard options to choose from.

Depending on your home’s style, you may opt, instead, for a Contemporary garage door, for a more modern look. Matching the style of garage to the style of the house is even more important if your home is contemporary — a traditional door in an otherwise modern facade will be a jarring clash, a threat to your home’s curb appeal. Like contemporary homes, a contemporary garage door will feature sleek materials (like tempered glass panels with aluminum frames) and clean lines.

Finally, for homeowners with more traditional tastes and homes to match, there are Traditional garage doors and Carriage style doors. Carriage style garage doors are made to look like the doors on old carriage houses, although newer models fold open instead of swinging out. Traditional garage door styles are suitable for most major American home styles, including Colonials, Victorians, Cape Cods, and Craftsmans.

Home’s Style

Open indication monitor

Salt Lake City Garage Doors

Your garage door is a door. I know that sounds redundant, but it bears repeating because most people don’t think of their garage door in that way, but they should really realize that it needs to be treated like your front door. If you leave the front door of your home open, you’re leaving your entire world open to predators and burglars. Your garage door is similar– Leaving it open leaves your world open to those same undesirables. However, if you have an open indication monitor, you’re less likely to leave your garage door open, since now you’ll actually know whether it’s been left open or not. It’s another layer of security for the dangerous world we live in– Another way that you can ensure that you, your things, and your family are safe!

Open indication monitor

Salt Lake City Garage Doors

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