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You know it’s time to give your garage an overhaul when you can barely pull your car inside it anymore. Cramped with overstuffed moving boxes full of Christmas decorations, bags of used clothes ready for donating, garden tools you hardly use, bicycles with two flat tires, old appliances — garages are veritable graveyards for junk you only need sometimes, and junk you’ll never need again. Of course, garages make wonderful storage spaces — the fact that a garage can often serve double duty as both a parking space and a storage space is why attached garages are one of the features most sought-after by home-buyers. Still, it’s all too common that the clutter overwhelms, making the garage an eye sore, an embarrassment, and a constant headache. Yet many homeowners are left to wonder what they can do about it.
Garage organization is not as insurmountable as it seems. There are some simple steps you can take to get organized, and to ultimately get more from your garage. First, get rid of all the stuff you don’t want, all the stuff you never use, anything that’s broken, and anything you forgot about. Next, determine which items being stored in the garage are things that you use frequently — like cleaning supplies, rain boots, maybe a lawnmower, maybe some rollerblades. Clear a space for those things in a spot where they can be reached easily.

When that’s done, it’s time to envision where the rest of the junk will go. Although you may employ the use of a few stackable containers (great for storing those infrequently used holiday items) the majority of your stuff should be up off the floor. Flexible, functional garage shelving, garage cabinets, pegboards, or overhead storage are all convenient and space-saving solutions. Each will put your stuff within easy reach, so you can actually find and use it.


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