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Clean garage floor!

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Quick question:  What rhymes with garage door, is often neglected, but really should be taken care of on a regular basis?  Give up?  Garage floor!  Here’s our followup question to our goofy riddle:  When was the last time you gave your garage floor any thought whatsoever?  Give up?  The answer is likely never, but we really don’t think that’s how this should go.

While it’s easy to forget about your garage floor, it’s important to realize that it’s also a part of your garage, and should be maintained regularly.  This helps to extend the life of the concrete floor, as well as keep up the look and value of your garage, which has broader implications when you consider your home as a whole.  Think about it–  You clean the floors of your home, right?  Well, your garage is part of your home too.

So, now comes the more interesting part–  How do you actually take care of your garage floor?  Well, there’s a few ways you could go about it, and for the purposes of this blog, we’re assuming that all you’re dealing with is standard dirtiness / grime.  (We’re ignoring the potential for spray paint here, as that’s a very in depth article.)

There are two major ways you can go about cleaning your garage floor:  The first is a more hands on approach that involves scrubbing (via a mop, scrub pad, or scour pad with a bucket) the floor with degreasing agent or solvent that can help get rid of all of that grime, grease, and oil.  The second option is a bit easier, and involves using a pressure washer to wash down your floor.  (It’s worth noting that, while you can save money and go with a cold wash system, hot wash is going to be much better for cleaning your garage floor.)

Of course, keep in mind that you need to sweep the floor before you clean it, regardless of which method you choose. . .  And that’s all there is to it!

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