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Improper operation

Salt Lake City – Improper operation of your home’s garage door

A garage isn’t just a place to park your car at night, its where keep your belongings safe, your workshop and where you store your tools. A busted garage door can ruin your day, or at least your morning commute. In this two part series, read about five of the most common garage door repair problems people and what you can and should do about each of these garage door issues.

1. Loud Noises
If your garage door is making a grinding sound when it opens and closes, it most likely just requires simple garage door maintenance work. This involves tightening the nuts and bolts and lubricating the chain drive. Sometimes this is caused by an object stuck in the rails or a part that is off-balance. Either way, our technicians can fix this relatively quickly. If your garage door is just normally noisy and you want a quieter one, consider switching to a belt-driven garage door opener.

2. Garage Door Gets Stuck
If your garage door gets stuck halfway through closing or near the bottom, it could be an issue with the close limit switch or an issue with your garage door rails. To check the correct operation of your garage door rails, release the garage door from the opener and check for smooth, safe operation when you manually open or close the garage door. While performing the inspection, remove any debris or other obstructions that may be in the rails. If this does not solve the problem, call Salt Lake City Garage Doors at (800) 339 – 1286 for help.

3. Garage Door Moving too Quickly
If your garage door is opening or closing too quickly, you may have a big safety issue on your hands. Please ensure that your family and visitors stay a safe distance away until you resolve the issue. The issue may be solved as easy as adjusting the garage door opener mechanism or as crucial as the cables being broken. Schedule a service appointment immediately by calling (800) 339 – 1286.

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