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Yes, garage doors can be difficult to open and close. They are heavy, they are cumbersome, they contain many dozens of moving parts that must constantly be hoisted up and then back down again by ropes and pulleys and springs. Up and down, and then again. This task is especially arduous for senior citizens, who are not only likely to find this very physical task difficult and strenuous, but who may actually be in danger of being injured by the heavy appliance in the process.

Luckily, there are ways to make the garage door opening process a whole lot easier and a lot less dangerous for the elderly. Often, the problem is that the hardware hasn’t been updated since the garage door’s first installation back in the 1960s. Home’s of this era outfitted with garages frequently had the first kind of garage door: the slab kind. A slab style garage door means that the door doesn’t fold up into panels or open accordion style, it is one solid piece of material. Old fashioned slab style garage doors are harder to open than garage doors that roll up, so seniors who still have their slab style doors should consider checking out some newer models. A roll up garage door will be a much safer experience and easier for seniors to manage.

Whatever the type of garage door, slab style or roll up, it will function best if all its parts are lubricated. Lubricate your door hardware with the appropriate products (if you aren’t sure what kind to buy, look for a lubricant that is specifically labeled as for use with garage door hardware) in order to keep all the parts rolling along as they should be. While you’re at it, replace your garage door springs for smoother moves. Not only are rusty or creaky springs super noisy, they can make it a lot more likely that your door will get stuck. Replace your garage door springs if they are old. They can be dangerous when they fail, even lethal.

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