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Garage Door Springs!

Garage Door Springs

Spring is here–  The flowers are blooming, the snow is gone, and the weather is looking beautiful!  It’s time to get back outside now that the days are beautiful and much longer, but something else that comes with this beautiful time of year is the spring cleaning!  Have you gotten started yet?

Hopefully by now you’ve already gotten most of it taken care of–  You should be cleaning out your basement / attic, deep cleaning your home, and everything else.  Your garage requires a lot of attention too, though:  Not only should you be going through the boxes of stuff stored in the garage and determining what is staying for another year (or longer) and what is going, but you should also be cleaning your garage, as well!  The floor can use a good cleaning (which we wrote about last week), whether you do a simple cleaning job with just a broom, or you take it a step further.  You’ll also want to make sure you dust for cobwebs in all of the nooks, crannies, and high places of your garage.

And there’s one other part of spring cleaning that nearly no one thinks about, but is very important, and is directly related to your garage door–  You should ensure that you also clean off the springs of your garage door; literal spring cleaning.  Why should you do this?  Well, if you’ve ever let something sit for a long time without being dusted, you’ve probably seen what excessive dust accumulation does:  It leaves a grimy, gross film over things.  Now, garage door springs are supposed to be clean and able to move freely, so if you apply this gross sticky film to it, you might run into some issues sooner than you otherwise would have with your springs.  So when you’re going through and cleaning out in your garage, spend some time wiping down your springs as well!

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