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If common sense and experience are any kind of guide, then there are a few things about garage door repair and installation that we can generally accept as rules of thumb. Things like: Get your repair or installation bid in writing. If possible, watch the repairs while they’re being performed. Never pay cash, never pay in full or before the job has been completed. And there are still more things to be wary of when dealing with an unfamiliar garage door technician or repair company: Be wary if the company doesn’t have a physical address in the place where you live. And any high pressure sales tactics should be an instant red flag.

At Garage Door Services — recently named “the worst garage door company in the nation” in a report in Door + Access Systems, a garage door industry trade magazine — repair techs recruited from Craigslist are encouraged to run up bills as much as they can. In both the training and in weekly motivational meetings, employees were told that a $1,000 bill on each job should be the goal, even though a new garage door can cost less. Garage Door Services repair techs earn commissions of up to 20% per job.

The company’s various duplicitous practices caught the attention of Dallas watchdog Dave Lieber, who pens a column for the Dallas Morning News. Garage Door Services is based in nearby Carrollton, Texas, although the company is infamous nationwide for exaggerating repair costs and selling customers garage door parts they don’t need at prices that are padded.

How did the company get away with it for so long? Garage Door Services has put its multimillion-dollar annual advertising budget to nefarious and frequent use. Most of it is spent on internet advertising that is intentionally misleading, confusing, obtuse, obfuscating, or just plain false.

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