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Garage Door Safety For The Whole family

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There are many safety procedures to consider when you are checking to see if your garage door is operating properly. Garage doors are heavy pieces of machinery that can do a lot of damage if they aren’t working correctly. Its good to know different steps you can take to ensure that your garage door is not a potential health and safety hazard. Here are some easy tips to test out in your home.

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Firstly, all parents should acknowledge that children need to stay away from all garage door operators—remotes, or wall buttons. Also in the interest of child safety, you can easily test the sensors of your garage door by placing a broom, roll of paper towels, or any other obstructive item on the ground in its path, and ensuring that the garage door stops and reverses motion when it contacts the item. Sensors can become off-balanced, causing inaccuracies in the garage door safety program, and disabling the sensors, so this is a must for families with kids. Many children have suffered varying degrees of serious injury due to rogue garage doors with faulty sensors. Don’t be included in these unfortunate and scary statistics! Keep your garage door in check to avoid regrets.


Garage doors are convenient alternate entrances to the house. Most everyone uses his or her garage door daily, but never stop to think about how much goes into making that garage door work. A simple visual inspection of your garage door innards is the best first defense against a serious potential problem. If a cable looks loose, or the paneling looks uneven on the landing, it’s best to hire a garage door technician to assess the situation right away. Simply giving your garage a visual once-over could be the difference between a small fix and a serious repair.

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