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Another day, another news story about the questionable security of residential garages. This time, the victims are a family from Hanford, California, who recently lost an expensive Italian bicycle and their peace of mind when a burglar successfully entered their garage with a random garage door opener. “It’s quite disturbing to know that you’re inside your house in the middle of the night and someone can go in your garage and take your personal property,” Lutz said. “It’s pretty brazen by the criminals to do that,” local police Sgt. James Lutz told the local ABC news affiliate.

Melissa Durst was the first to notice that something was amiss. In the morning following the burglary, she entered her garage to find that the door was open and that two bicycles were missing. One bicycle remained, but had been pushed in front of the interior entrance to the home. Melissa was sure that she had closed the garage door before she and her kids retired to bed for the evening, and she immediately alerted her husband.

“When she got up she said, ‘Hey I didn’t move that bike,’ and then my stomach flipped,” Devin Durst said. “I was like somebody was in our garage and they didn’t know we had cameras.” But the Dursts did have cameras, and a single frame of their security footage revealed an intruder walking into their garage early on a Friday morning, just before Devin Durst left for work. Nearly a minute passed before the footage revealed the suspect riding away on one of their bikes. It is presumed he returned later for the bike that belonged to the Dursts’ 3 year old son.

The most disturbing thing about this story is that the intruder was able to enter their garage despite the fact that it was completely closed and all of the Dursts’ garage door openers were secured inside. Previously, the Dursts had had their car stolen and their Christmas decorations ruined in their front yard.

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