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Garage Door Match Your Home’s Style

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As an architectural feature, the garage door is sometimes overlooked by homeowners, even though it can sometimes account for up to a third of the home’s facade. But although what lurks behind the garage door may not be pretty, there’s no reason the garage door shouldn’t have a little character. Or a lot. Just as the shutters, paint, front door, and landscaping all suit the style of the house, so too should the garage door be included in the home’s unified aesthetic. Once you start to shop around, you’ll notice that there are a variety of garage door styles available at typical home improvement and repair retailers.

One of the most popular garage door styles is the Raised Panel. This is the most recognizable style, almost a garage door standard bearer, the kind of door most people think of when they picture a garage. The popularity of this style means it’s easy to find in stores and that it will be available in all materials, with all the standard options to choose from.

Depending on your home’s style, you may opt, instead, for a Contemporary garage door, for a more modern look. Matching the style of garage to the style of the house is even more important if your home is contemporary — a traditional door in an otherwise modern facade will be a jarring clash, a threat to your home’s curb appeal. Like contemporary homes, a contemporary garage door will feature sleek materials (like tempered glass panels with aluminum frames) and clean lines.

Finally, for homeowners with more traditional tastes and homes to match, there are Traditional garage doors and Carriage style doors. Carriage style garage doors are made to look like the doors on old carriage houses, although newer models fold open instead of swinging out. Traditional garage door styles are suitable for most major American home styles, including Colonials, Victorians, Cape Cods, and Craftsmans.

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