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A real life crime mystery several weeks in the making was finally solved this week when Fitchburg, Wisconsin, police succeeded in apprehending a band of brothers responsible for multiple burglaries and numerous thefts in Fitchburg and Madison, Wisconsin, as well as other property crimes that may have occurred in surrounding communities. Detectives are still processing the stolen property recovered from the trio of outlaw brothers, including electronics, jewelry, gift cards, assorted personal items, and numerous remote controls for garage doors police said.

It was the garage door remote controls that were most crucial in cracking the case, police presumably said. With the stolen garage door remotes, the brothers — 25-year-old Jesse V. Farber, 30-year-old Gavin C. Farber and 28-year-old Dylan J. Farber — could enter homes undetected, without forced entry, and take as much as they could get their hands on. The garage door remotes can also be used to open more than one garage. With luck, and equipped with their bevy of garage door remotes, the brothers could make a killing. They are suspects in numerous thefts from vehicles and several residential burglaries in Fitchburg and Madison, and they are also being investigated for the property crimes that they may have committed in nearby communities.

Police from Fitchburg and Madison asked any citizens who may have been victims of thefts from their vehicles, garages or residences to report those incidents to their local law enforcement agency. Fitchburg detectives are working with neighboring agencies to identify property stolen from other communities.

At the time of their arrest on Wednesday, the brothers told police they are homeless and living out of their vehicles, police said. It is rumored that the brothers occasionally used the stolen garage door remotes to open a garage while the homeowners were away, park their car inside, and catch some uninterrupted Zzzzs safely hidden inside a garage they had gained access to illegally.


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