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Does your quick release system work?

Garage Door System

Every garage door is equipped with a very simple quick release system to ensure that, at any moment, you are able to free the garage door from the opener and utilize it without the motor functioning. This is done for a variety of reasons:

If you lose power to your opener and need to find a way in and out of your garage, simple release the garage door and operated it by hand.
Should your opener break down, you can still open and close it by using the release
There are other uses for the quick release mechanism, but more importantly, do you know if yours is still operational? These are things that should be tested fairly regularly for problems, and are often neglected. If you’re unsure, you can always trust us to help you out with that!

Why Sensor Beams Are So Important to Garage Door Safety

Garage Door Safety

A garage door is probably one of the heaviest moving objects found in the home. For this reason it is very important to teach your children about garage door safety. The garage is not a safe area where kids should be playing. If children are going to be darting in and out of your garage you should make sure that you door has some advanced safety features. There are some features that can be added to a garage door to ensure optimum safety. For example, safety beams and photo eyes are an extremely important part of the garage door. They can protect children and pets, and even save their lives. As long as the beam remains unbroken the door will continue to close. If a person or pet, or even a piece of paper should break the beam, the door will instantly rise back up. This is an exceptional safety feature that should be installed on every garage door.

Garage Door Safety

salt lake city   garage door safety

You can purchase a new door with safety beams already included with the door or you can purchase safety beams separately starting at about $150-200. If you are not sure how to install a sensor beam, seek help from a professional garage door repair company. A few safety precautions can go a long way! Make sure your garage door is equipped with sensor beams.

Can it be?!

Garagr Door In Salt Lake City

Invaders? Hopefully you enjoyed the reference, but in all seriousness if your garage door is broken it can be a huge invitation to anyone looking to break into your home or garage. Most of the time if a thief sees a garage door that isn’t all the way closed they know that it is going to take very little effort to get in and take whatever they can. That is why it is so crucial to make sure that your door is working right at all times and that it is absolutely closed all the way at night when you go to bed. It is so much better to know that you are safe and sound when your garage door is closed and working right!

The purpose of insulation

garage doors in salt lake city

Most people understand the purpose of insulation, but do you understand the sort of far reaching effects it can have? What’s more, did you know that it’s important to have insulation and weatherstripping for your garage door as well? Of course! Otherwise, what’s the point of having it for your garage and related areas?

What’s nice about a properly insulated garage door is that it helps control the temperature of not just your garage, but your whole home as well. If you have a room above the garage, it helps control the temperature there; also, if you have a door that joins your home with your garage, you won’t have to worry about the temperature of your garage door affecting your home dramatically every time you open the door.

Important Privacy Tip

Salt Lake City Garage Door Tip

Here’s a very important privacy tip to all homeowners that either have windows on their garage doors, or are considering the move to a style of garage door that has windows on it– Make sure that they are not clear panes of glass when picking out your garage door. Ideally, you want some sort of frosted, or completely blacked out variety; and not just the tinted to look black, but the actual blacked out variety– If you allow people to see inside your garage, you’re inviting crooks to take an inventory of what they could gain by breaking in to your garage at some point without you knowing.

Bottom line– Make sure no one can see through those windows!

Not just a garage door

Garage Door In Salt Lake City

If you think of your garage door as just a garage door you really aren’t giving it enough credit. Your garage door keeps your car and belongings inside your garage safe when the door is closed. But oh man it does so much more than that. Your garage doors is like a giant bodyguard for your whole home and family.

The garage is the biggest entrance into your home, so if that garage door is open or it is broken it is leaving you open to more potential risk of robberies or break ins. So, if you value your family and belongings then you should probably make sure that your garage door is working at all times.

Pop Quiz: Curb Appeal

Salt Lake City Garage Door Services

Quick question: What is the easiest way to enhance your home’s curb appeal:

-Replace your garage door.
-Do some landscaping work.
-Do nothing.
-Stand on your front lawn with a crazed look on your face with a clown hidden in the bushes.

The answer might seem fairly obvious (except to those with psychopathic tendencies) given that this is a garage door blog, but what we’re saying has some merit– your garage door is the majority of the front facing facade of your home, and if that falls into disrepair (or is a dated, ugly garage door), that can drag down the appearance of the rest of your home. Instead of letting your curb appeal plummet, keep up to date with modern, well built garage doors that will keep you looking good!

Curb Appeal garage doors

The Cleanest Garage on the Block!

Garage Doors In Salt Lake City

A Garage is a part of a home used to keep vehicles. To clean and maintain it is quite easy. Nowadays garages are quite advanced, fitted with latest technology like gadget doors synced with Smartphones, to ensure complete control and to avoid damage or burglary stealing.

First, clean the garage space by taking out all the items outside and lay them on a blanket, newspaper or bed sheet. Remove the unwanted things, as, it will create more space. Now wash the floor with plenty of water and let it dry. Help the needy by donating these to charity or by recycling them.

Keep the sporting equipments, decorations, lawn gears and other things together at in spot to make them accessible and convenient. The other practical way is to use a few cartons and wooden boxes, well-spaced and tagged.

Make wise use of the garage areas like walls, corners, ceilings. A trash can right next to the parked car will help you throw away items and keep your car clutter-free. Use large buckets, trashcans, wooden boxes, cabinets, and cartons with labels. Things can be kept on the basis of frequent use and convenience. Harmful chemicals, paints, acids or other harmful things can be stored in cabinets with doors to prevent any hazardous accident. An inventory is very helpful in keeping a track of items, try to list everything and keep the list handy.

garage door block

Transparent boxes will provide an overview of the stored things. Foldable stacks or racks can be used. For smaller things you can use bins or stackable jars.

Keeping everything organised is an art form. It may be perfected or may be a trial and error method, so just use your experience, instinct, and innovation and go ahead. Life is short, so organize your garage today!

We have business hours!

24 Hrs Garage Door Service

When most people think of a garage door repair company, they generally don’t think of business hours. Instead, they just think of a company that will schedule you in when is most convenient for them with little to no regard for their customer’s time table.

Not us. Do you want to know what our official business hours are? Well, on weekdays, we don’t close. On weekends, we don’t close. In fact, on days that end in a “y,” we don’t close.

Why is that? Because we’re open 24 / 7 / 365 so that we can always be here for you when you need us!

Need to build upward?

Garage Door In Salt Lake City

Then have we got the garage door opener for you. Oh, you didn’t realize we were talking about building upward in your garage?

Well, we are. Many homeowners are restricted vertically when it comes to what they store in their garage, but they don’t want to be. Why should you allow your garage door opener to boss you around and dictate how high you can stack storage boxes or how tall of a car you can own?

You shouldn’t. So there’s an option out there that gives you the ultimate in freedom when it comes to how high you can go in your garage, and that’s a jackshaft garage door opener. By mounting on the side of your garage rather than overhead, it allows you more space to do whatever it is you need to do.

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